Amanda Halterman is divorcing her ex-husband, Jason Halterman. The 1000-lb Sisters star sat down with her sibling, Amy Slaton, who asked Amanda when her divorce is finalized after she let slip about a certain male.

A new YouTube video saw Amanda Halterman and Amy Slaton cook a chicken dish together, but it was certainly dishier than fans expected. The 1000-lb Sisters stars got super juicy, with one revealing they had the hots for someone.

She was previously married to Jason Halterman. Amanda revealed she divorced her ex-husband Jason on 1000-lb Sisters season 4, who she was married to for at least 23 years, and shares four kids.

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Amanda Halterman divorced ex-husband

Amy Slaton’s sibling Amanda Halterman has divorced her ex-husband, Jason Halterman, who she was wed to for 23 years. During that time, he has never appeared on TLC‘s 1000-lb Sisters, but they do share four sons together.

She opened up by saying her marriage didn’t work anymore. She’s still in contact with Jason’s brother Michael though, who she often calls out on 1000-lb Sisters. In 2022, she said she and Jason are “legally married until we finish that off.”

Amanda’s divorce was finalized in August 2022, OK Magazine reports. In August 2020, the exes made the decision to separate and Amanda was given primary custody of their teenage son, who was their only child under 18 at the time.

Jason didn’t file for divorce until August 16, 2022, and the divorce was finalized that same month, according to reports. As part of the divorce agreement, Jason will shell out $250 per month in spousal support and $498 for child support.

She has the hots for a personal trainer

When Amanda went for a gym session, she met a personal trainer. While cooking chicken with her sister Amy on a behind-the-scenes video, she let viewers in on how much she fancied him and said he’s “tall, dark and handsome.”

He starred on 1000-lb Sisters in an unaired clip, teaching Amanda how to use different gym equipment. He said one exercise would “burn her legs up” and told her: “You could probably do it better than you think.”

The personal trainer encouraged Amanda to give it a try one day, who replied: “I might take you up on that challenge someday.” She then told Amy that she found out he was a professional basketball player-turned-personal trainer.

Amy asked her sibling: “When is your divorce finalized?” Slaton, who is also going through a divorce from Jason’s brother Michael, began to laugh, but Amanda didn’t respond.

Amanda is now embracing single life

Since she split from Jason, Amanda has been taking time out for self-care, such as getting her hair styled and spending time with her siblings. She was spotted at Amy and Michael Halterman’s court date discussing custody.

Amy was pulled out of the courtroom to talk to her lawyer, and then for a second time with her sibling Amanda. When they were called to the stand, Amy motioned to withdraw her domestic violence charges, and the judge permitted it.

Amanda went on a “quick getaway to reset” at the end of March and has been embracing life as both an auntie and a mother when she’s back in Kentucky. She’s also been sharing inspirational messages on Instagram!

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