Amanda Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters‘ ex-husband is Jason Halterman, Michael Halterman’s brother. Michael is married to Amy, who he shares two children with, meaning two Slaton sisters have married to Haltermans.

She’s been a fan favorite since she made her TLC debut, helping her sisters Tammy and Amy lose weight. Amanda is the newest addition to the 1000-lb Sisters cast, joining the show in January 2022.

Both Amanda and Amy have the same married name, but it wasn’t until season 3 that viewers even met the sibling. Slaton’s brother Chris and sister Misty were previously introduced on the show, so who is Amanda?

Amanda Slaton on 1000-lb Sisters

Amanda is a Slaton sister to Tammy, Amy, Chris, and Mindy. She was introduced to 1000-lb Sisters in season 3 to encourage her sisters to lose weight and instantly became a fan favorite.

She’s a mother to four sons, who have also featured on the TLC show. Amanda’s maiden name is Combs — she is Chris’ sister, making her a half-sibling to the Slaton sisters, and is the daughter of Darlene R.

Amanda has undergone weight loss surgery and was brought onto the series by Amy and Chris who hoped she would encourage Tammy to strive to achieve the same goal.

She was married to Jason Halterman

Amanda revealed she divorced her ex-husband Jason on 1000-lb Sisters season 4. They were together for 23 years, during which he has never appeared on 1000-lb Sisters, and share four sons.

She’s still connected to the Haltermans as a sister-in-law, as Amy married Jason’s brother Michael in 2019. When Amanda gave viewers an update on her divorce status, many had no idea she was even wed to Michael’s sibling.

Amanda opened up by saying her marriage didn’t work anymore. She’s still in contact with Michael though, who she often calls out on 1000-lb Sisters. In 2022, she said she and Jason are “legally married until we finish that off.”

1000-lb Sisters: Amanda is a fan fave

In one clip from season 3, a fight broke out between Tammy and Amanda. Fans of the TLC series think Amanda has the “right attitude” when handling Tammy, and love her for sharing her honest opinion.

When Tammy called her family to reveal she is getting married to Calen Willingham, Amanda said:

I don’t know what his [Caleb] intentions are and Tammy is head over heels for him, but I have a lot of concerns. Why rush into anything? There is no need for that.

She has recently been applauded for her constant jokes on 1000-lb Sisters season 4, such as when she was seen flirting with a gym instructor. Amanda is incredibly close to her brother Chris and fans brand them “hilarious.”



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