Amy Slaton is going through a divorce from Michael Halterman in 2023 after a sudden split. She has broken her silence by sharing a solo photo of her smiling with a new handbag after they split.

Online reports suggest that Amy and Michael are splitting up after welcoming their second child just months ago. Michael filed for divorce from Amy on March 13, court documents show, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

The 1000-lb Sisters stars are reportedly no longer living under the same roof as Amy has moved in with her sister, Tammy Slaton. Amy, Michael, Tammy, and more of the ladies’ family members are starring in season 4 of the TLC show.

Amy and Michael met in high school

1000-lb Sisters follows Kentucky sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton as they embark on drastic weight loss journeys.

Fans have seen the sisters at various stages of their lives on the TLC show. From Tammy getting approved for surgery after almost dying to Amy becoming a mother, the ladies have shared some of their biggest moments with viewers.

TLC viewers have not only grown to know Amy and Tammy on the show. Amy and her husband, Michael Halterman, have both appeared on the show since season 1 which premiered in 2020.

The couple met in high school and married in 2019. They had a second wedding which was filmed on 1000-lb Sisters.

Amy moves in with Tammy

Although Amy and Michael Halterman welcomed their second child in 2022, The US Sun reports that the two are now separated less than a year later.

Reports state that Amy has moved in with her sister, Tammy, and has taken her two sons, Gage and Glenn, with her.

Judging by the TLC show, Amy not only has Tammy to lean on, but they also have two other sisters, Amanda Halterman, and Misty Wentworth, as well as their brother, Chris Combs, for support.

Since reports began to come out on Amy and Michael’s split, she has posted a smiling photo in front of their house without him. She captioned the photo, “Beautiful day to smile!!!,” to which fans say she “looks happy.”

Divorce rumors surround Michael and Amy

As 1000-lb Sisters airs on TLC, divorce rumors are surrounding Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman. Despite the claims that the two are separated, they are still married at the time of writing.

Michael writes on his Facebook page that he is “married to Amy Halterman.” At the time of his filing for divorce in Kentucky, they had just finished filming the first half of 1000-lb Sisters season 4.

He last posted a photo to his page on February 18 of his son. Amy Slaton appears to be less active on Facebook with her last post going up in November 2022.

Their marriage appeared to be close to breaking point on 1000-lb Sisters, such as when Amy broke down as her husband sat around drinking beer with friends — instead of helping with his two young sons, Glenn and Gage.

“You’re not supposed to be doing this sh-t by yourself,” sister Amanda said to Amy while offering assistance at the time. “You are married and have a husband, and he is supposed to be being a dad too.”



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