TLC stars Amy and Tammy Slaton blow their fans away with their latest TikTok post. The 1000-lb Sisters certainly aren’t weighing in as they were back when their show first began in 2020. Fans are impressed with the sisters’ weight loss transformation in 2023 and despite Amy and Tammy’s many ups and downs, they appear to be sharing a close bond nowadays.

Since 1000-lb Sisters first kicked off on TLC, Amy and Tammy have totally transformed their looks. From new hairdos to drastic weight loss after being approved for surgery, fans have seen them switch things up entirely. Amy is also now a mom of two. Both ladies have experienced some hardship in their romantic relationships as of late with Amy divorcing her husband, Michael Halterman.

Amy and Tammy Slaton take to TikTok

Writing that she and her sister are besties, Amy Slaton Halterman shared a post with her TikTok followers in late May.

The video shows Amy and Tammy posing together smiling with the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train playing over the top.

The 1000-lb Sisters stars look totally transformed from their old selves in the snap. Tammy dons her red hair as Amy also opts for a colorful purple hairstyle.

The 1000-lb Sisters are ‘thriving’

Tammy Slaton and Amy’s fans couldn’t help but comment on the sisters’ snap.

Many wrote that they’re happy to see the ladies “thriving,” while others said that they were “proud” of the TLC stars.

One commented that they were pleased to see the sisters looking “so happy” and that they both “look wonderful.”

Many loyal fans, who have followed the sisters from the beginning of their journey, said they were impressed by how far they’ve come.

One fan said that Amy’s post “bought tears” to their eyes.

Amy and Tammy wow fans

While some 1000-lb Sisters fans commented that they were proud of both ladies, some were particularly blown away by Tammy’s transformation.

One wrote that Tammy is a “wonder woman,” and another said: “Not Tammy almost the same size as Amy.”

Another said that it was Amy who stood out to them, writing that the mom of two’s “hard work” is clearly paying off.

More could see the siblings’ closeness shining through, commenting that they now appear to have a “different type of sister bond than what they had in the past.”

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