Amy Roloff’s process to adopt a rescue dog was shown on the latest Little People Big World finale. The moment came at least a year on from when her previous pet Felix sadly died – and fans love her new dog already.

Daisy is now centre stage in Amy and Chris’ home, with many flocking to the LPBW star’s Instagram to see if the adoption process worked out after filming wrapped with TLC. And rest assured, it absolutely did.

Fans were delighted to see that Amy’s new adopted dog has quickly become a huge part of their lives, especially after the sorrow that she went through after losing Felix. He died in August 2021, ahead of her wedding to Chris Marek.

Amy Roloff’s new dog

Amy’s new adopted dog is a rescue called Daisy May, who she found at Oregon Dog Rescue. She welcomed Daisy into hers and Chris’ life in October 2022, and it wasn’t long before she was playing at Roloff Farms!

The LPBW star said, “Daisy is part of our family,” on her Instagram Story, when she took her new pet to pumpkin season. She spent a lot of time playing with Amy’s grandchildren, Jackson and Lilah.

Getting Daisy didn’t take long after Amy asked her Instagram followers whether she should get a dog. Daisy has only featured in a couple of episodes so far, but seeing as she’s such a big favorite, hopefully we see more of her!

LPBW star’s dog Felix passed in 2021

Amy revealed in October 2021 that her dog Felix had passed two months ago, in August. She wrote:

My little fella Felix fell suddenly ill and [passed] away the Thursday before our wedding in August. With my wedding two days away, I didn’t have time to grieve. I was devastated and couldn’t believe he was gone.

The rescue dog was six years old when he died. Back in 2015, Amy referred to her “little fella” as a “keeper” who often tuned in to episodes of LPBW, including the ep that featured Zach and Tori’s wedding.

Fans love Amy’s pet Daisy

Daisy has been branded the “bestest cast member this whole season” after making her debut on LPBW season 26. The adoption process was shown in the last two episodes of the 2022 season, and fans loved her straight away.

One LPBW fan wrote to Amy: “She is so cute!! I came to your Instagram to look for Daisy ❤️ Thanks for adopting her.”

Another penned: “So loved that you picked this baby 🥰 and her side-ways look and lick to Chris brought tears to my eyes 🥹 absolutely adorable. I hope she brings you joy […], extra emotional to watch your adoption process 💚.”

“Awww I just seen the episode where you adopted Daisy! So glad to see her here 🥰,” said a fellow viewer.



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