Amy Roloff’s salary is on Little People Big World fans’ minds as the topic of Roloff Farms comes up on the TLC reality show. She may have sold her side of the popular land but is still making thousands per episode.

She’s got a glinting ring on her finger after tying the knot with Chris Marek, and has even become friendly with her ex Matt Roloff, who still lives at the farm. He is now selling one section of Roloff Farms – specifically the part Amy owned.

So, now that the farm is out of her hands, how exactly does Amy make a living? Is the TLC salary enough for her to live on? Reality Titbit has all the details on her income compared to the value of the land she previously looked after.

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Amy Roloff makes $7K an episode

Amy waved goodbye to her co-ownership of Roloff Farms in 2019, but is still making at least $7,000 per episode of Little People Big World. Her reality TV salary would be enough on its own, but she doesn’t stop there.

Her entrepreneurial drive to give motivational speeches, write books and run her own merchandise website means she’s stacking up money. Fans can buy coffee mugs and t-shirts, as well as access her blog posts and food recipes.

The reality TV star’s net worth of $4.5 million dollars has increased to $6 million due to the TLC show, as well as through fan visits to the Roloff farm. Another income has involved giving inspirational talks across the US for 13 years!

What she does for a living

Amy got her start giving speeches after her alma-mater Central Michigan asked her to speak. During speeches, Amy discusses topics like diversity and inclusion, faith and courage, parenting and business.

Her talks can be accessed not just in person but also on Zoom – so perfect for any overseas fans! The star’s husband, on the other hand, Chris has accumulated a $1 million net worth for his entrepreneurial success as a real estate agent.

She recently brought out a pair of summer earrings as part of a collection made by small business Lemon Kissed, and can be purchased on her website for prices starting from $29.99. Amy even sells fudge for just over $30.

Roloff Farms is worth over $4 million

As per Cheat Sheet, Matt was the one who bought Amy’s side of Roloff Farms. As for Matt and Amy’s deal, he reportedly paid $667,000 for the other side of the farm. Following this, Amy bought her new place for $588,500.

Now, 16 acres of Roloff Farms is up for sale for $4 million. It comes as part of Matt’s retirement plans, who initially offered to sell the land to his sons Zach and Jeremy before revealing the “timing wasn’t right for them” on Instagram.

Matt still owns 93 acres of the farm and it will still continue running despite some of the land being sold off. The farm itself was worth more than $1.6 million in 2018 and has dramatically increased over the years.



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