Amy Slaton went to court to discuss charges made against her ex-husband Michael Halterman, as well as their custody agreement following their divorce. Tammy was not present but Chris Combs and Amanda were there.

Following Amy Slaton and Michael’s divorce, 1000-lb Sisters fans have been following their every move. The former couple recently attended court, where she dropped domestic violence charges against him.

TLC crews attended their recent court date but were not allowed to film inside the courtroom. Fans are now “rooting” for Amy, as she navigates life as a single woman while co-parenting sons Gage and Glenn with Michael.

Amy Slaton heads to court

Amy was pictured attending court recently to discuss the domestic violence charges she filed against her ex Michael, who she shares two children with. Tammy Slaton was not present but her siblings Amanda and Chris were there.

Michael appeared to avoid the cameras before going in and coming out of the courtroom. During the case, he proposed that he wishes to have full joint custody of their two sons, Glenn and Gage, The Sun reports.

Amy, who looks after the kids each week before Michael has them on the weekend, did not agree to this custody agreement. Since they split, Michael has been staying at his mother’s home, where three other adults live.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “I feel very bad for Amy. But I am rooting for her. I hope life is happier for her & her 2 boys.”

Another said: “But why did they split? They seemed like they were perfect for one another.”

She drops charges against Michael Halterman

Amy was pulled out of the courtroom to talk to her lawyer, and then for a second time with her sister Amanda. When they were called to the stand, Amy motioned to withdraw her domestic violence charges, and the judge permitted it.

A civil restraining order will be filed separately in their ongoing divorce case. No contact will be permitted outside of their privately agreed-upon contract, but they are allowed to communicate via text to discuss parenting their sons.

Amy was also concerned that her kids would be too confused by the inconsistent schedule if Michael’s proposed idea of having them for three days and Amy having them for four was to go ahead.

1000-lb Sisters has begun filming

The film crew for 1000-lb Sisters was present and shooting a scene, but the cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. Amy, Amanda, and Chris all stuck around outside the courthouse to film a scene and share a cigarette.

Michael, on the other hand, left the court and snuck around the back to smoke, according to a US Sun eyewitness. It comes after Amy left the court with Amanda where she flailed her arms and appeared to rant.

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