Amy Slaton says she thinks she has “royalty in her blood” in an episode of her TLC show 1000-lb Sisters.

Tammy Slaton, Amy, and their mother, Darlene Rednour, sat down for high tea during 1000-lb Sisters.

The TLC show follows the sisters as they embark on drastic weight loss journeys. The show first aired in 2020 and since season 1, fans have gotten to know Amy, Tammy, and many more of their family members including their other siblings, Amanda Halterman, Misty Wentworth, and Chris Combs.

The Slatons’ brother has become a fan favorite on the show with many people commenting that Chris has a “soothing” voice.

The 1000-lb Sisters go for high tea

TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters is never short of drama. During a 2021 episode of the show, Tammy and Amy Slaton headed out for high tea with their mother, Darlene.

The ladies enjoyed some new foods and drinks on Mother’s Day including jam sandwiches and hot tea. They even wore hats for their tea and learned some etiquette skills.

After providing them with fancy hats, the tea host said that the ladies looked “very Kentucky.”

Amy Slaton says she’s related to royalty

While Tammy Slaton received good news that she was approved for surgery during 1000-lb Sisters season 4, her sister, Amy, hasn’t been so lucky as of late.

Amy is reportedly set to divorce her long-term partner and husband Michael Halterman in 2023.

Despite the drama often going on with the Slaton and Halterman families, Amy is often there to provide fans with nuggets of knowledge they may have never heard before.

Amy said on the TLC show that her grandfather died after drinking antifreeze and that the details were published in a book called Murder in the Heartland.

She also said on an episode of the show that she’s related to royalty.

Amy Slaton’s royal link

Speaking to Tammy in a confessional, Amy said that the sisters had “royalty in their blood.”

Amy explained further on the TLC show: “My grandma’s brother has this family tree going back generations and generations and apparently one of my great, I don’t know how far, eighth great-grandmother is the Queen of England.”

The show’s producer asked: “Really?”

Amy added: “We even have a family crest.”



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