Amy Slaton’s baby boy is one of the main topics on 1000-lb Sisters. Her new baby is firstborn Gage’s little brother and was given a name starting with G. During filming, Amy was pregnant, but in real-time, she has given birth.

During season 4 of the TLC series, Amy learns that she’s at risk of serious complications if she doesn’t get her eating under control. Amy also has a setback and is quickly rushed to the ER during her pregnancy.

Amy said: “The doctor has concerns with this baby because I’m still morbidly obese.” She later said she is “in a lot of pain” before a clip shows the 1000-lb Sisters star lying in a hospital bed amid her pregnancy.

Amy Slaton went to ER during pregnancy

While Amy was expecting a new baby, she experienced health issues. She ended up in the ER in the weeks after the doctor shared their concerns about Amy having a second child and said: “Things took a turn for the worst.”

A second clip then showed Amy filming herself crying, which was shared on 1000-lb Sisters. Fans feared that she had lost her baby, but this is not the case. During her pregnancy, doctors told her to monitor the foods she’s eating.

Amy announced she was pregnant with her second child with husband Michael Halterman in January last year. She discovered her pregnancy after being constipated for three weeks.

Did Amy have her baby?

Yes, Amy welcomed her new baby in July 2022. She announced the birth of her second son with Michael Halterman on Instagram, but has admitted on 1000-lb Sisters that she was “disappointed” about his gender at first.

Dr Cindy Basinski revealed Amy was pregnant with another boy. “I’m this much disappointed,” Amy said while making a huge gesture with her hands in an episode. “At the end of the day, they are healthy and that’s all that matters.”

Her husband Michael said he “knew” they would be having another boy. Amy doesn’t plan on having another baby, as she said she’s “getting older and high risk” and therefore wants to get her tubes tied.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy’s baby name

Amy called her second child Glenn Allen Halterman. She hasn’t revealed whether the name has a meaning behind it but several 1000-lb Sisters fans are convinced he is named after horror movie character, Chucky.

Like his older brother Gage, his name begins with a G. He was born via C-section, weighing in at 5lb 11oz (2kg) and measured 17.5 inches long at birth. Amy revealed that the name would be “horror related to match Gage.”

She documented her most recent pregnancy journey on Instagram. She said that sometimes her son would start kicking during the night and admitted that she would start craving garlic and tacos.



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