sMothered's Angelica confirms she's pregnant: Secret revealed in season finale

sMothered fans were left on a cliffhanger after last week’s episode (Sunday, July 19th), as Angelica hinted she had been keeping a secret from her boyfriend Jason. 

Fans of the hit TLC reality series could not figure out what Angelica had been keeping to herself; of course, Angelica had already told everything to her mother, Sunhe!

But everything was revealed on Sunday, July 26th as Angelica revealed to Jason that the couple are expecting a child.

Find out everything about Angelica’s pregnancy here, plus what went down in the episode.

Screenshot: Angelica and Sunhe – “She Is the Love of My Life” | sMothered – TLC YouTube

Jason and Angelica: Relationship timeline

Angelica has two main relationships on TLC’s sMothered: one with her mother, one with her boyfriend.

Angelica and Jason have been dating for nearly three years but they have struggled to get approval from Sunhe. A lot of Sunhe’s doubt stemmed from the fact that he was married to his ex-wife while with Angelica and even paid his ex-girlfriend’s phone bills. Sunhe wanted Jason to focus his attention solely on her daughter, and commit fully to Angelica. Jason proved that he was committed by doing everything Sunhe wanted, cutting ties with his past relationships.


In season 2 episode 10, Jason took the leap and proposed to Angelica, who obviously said yes. Jason said: “You’re the most wonderful woman in the world, you mean everything to me. I love you to the moon and back. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Angelica, will you marry me?”

It was this moment that Angelica decided to reveal her big secret.

Angelica reveals she’s pregnant on sMothered

In episode 10, Angelica revealed to Jason that she is, in fact, pregnant with his child.

Angelica said:

We’re pregnant… I couldn’t tell you sooner because I didn’t know how you’d react.

Jason explained in their TLC interview: “I don’t know if I’d really have hoped to have children. I guess everything happens for a reason, I truly feel that way. And it’s not a negative thing by any means, it’s very positive. It’s exciting. I will embrace it wholeheartedly.”

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Angelica’s pregnancy journey

For those fans hoping we’d get to follow Angelica’s pregnancy journey on sMothered, we have some bad news: episode 10 was the season finale!

The big reveal that Angelica was pregnant and Jason was proposing is the last thing we’ll see of the couple on our screens for a while.

Instead, to keep up to date with Angelica’s pregnancy journey, you’ll have to follow her on Instagram. Angelica has yet to post about her pregnancy, but we’re sure the posts will be coming in soon. Follow her @angelica100_k





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