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Where to buy Anna Johnston's jewelry: 7 Little Johnstons online shop explored!

7 Little Johnstons‘ Anna Johnston has already started her business and she is doing really well. Here’s a look at where you can buy Anna’s jewelry as we explore her online shop.

The latest season of 7 Little Johnstons explores how the Johnston’s kids have been doing. With Anna starting college, many were curious to know how she had been doing. As the topic of her moving out was explored, fans also got to know that Anna was working on her jewelry line. Here’s a look it.

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Anna Johnston’s jewelry explored

Anna’s online side business is called Fizz4Passion. As per the Instagram, she started making these jewelry in 2019. Since then, the popularity of Anna’s jewelry has only grown.

The reality star often shows off her new designs on her personal Instagram. As for Fizz4Passion’s Instagram, the account has over 40k followers. She uses the platform to keep her buyers updated about the new products while also letting them know when the old ones are back in stock.

Luckily for Anna, she has amazing friends and sisters who are ready to become models for her product. Quite often, Emma Johnston is seen promoting her sister’s products. At the same time, Amber Johnston is also spotted showing off the product quite a few times.

Where to buy Anna Johnston’s jewelry

Anna’s jewelry can be brought at Etsy. You can check it our here.

The site offers a wide variety of bracelets that people can choose from. The piece of these products ranges from $13 to $20. All of Anna’s products highlight the idea of “Accessories with a PASSION.”

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Anna Johnston’s college life explored

Apart from working on her business, Anna has also been juggling with college work. She is studying early childhood education and is doing well. In her college, Anna made the president’s list there in 2020.

At the same time, she became a resident assistant. Her responsibility consisted of helping other students who lived in her dorm. Due to the pandemic, Anna had to return home. The show revealed that she had been taking online classes.

Despite this, her spirit to do well in college while earning profit in her business did not die down. The reality star is definitely doing well.

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