Tammy Slaton’s latest TikTok has prompted fans to start asking questions about her marriage to Caleb Willingham in 2023.

The 1000-lb Sisters star’s romance with her now-husband recently played out during season 4.

The TLC show featured Caleb’s proposal that left Tammy speechless, as well as their wedding day in March.

1000-lb Sisters season 4 has wrapped up as of March 21, but now fans are scratching their heads over Tammy’s TikTok.

Tammy Slaton’s TikTok

In March 2023, Tammy Slaton shared a video on her TikTok page which left fans asking questions.

In the TikTok video, TLC star Tammy can be seen hanging out with another man.

She writes in the video caption: “@go4toke bad little boy.”

Many of Tammy’s fans took to the comments section to ask where her husband is.

Are Tammy and Caleb still together?

Yes. There’s no reason to believe that Tammy and Caleb split up in 2023.

Caleb’s Facebook page still states that he’s married to Tammy at the time of writing.

After getting engaged, Tammy and Caleb tied the knot in November 2022.

While Tammy and Caleb still appear to be married, her sister, Amy Slaton, is currently in the midst of a divorce from her husband.

Who is on Tammy’s TikTok?

Tammy’s latest TikTok saw her hanging out with her friend.

Given that Tammy still has a trach fitted during the video, we can assume it wasn’t filmed in the present day.

Tammy had her trach removed and revealed a fresh new 2023 look.

The 1000-lb Sisters star tagged her friend in the TikTok. He can be heard saying that Tammy is “cute” as she wears cat ears in the video.

Tammy also jokes: “Hi Papi” and the two call one another “bad.”

While the TLC star isn’t posting her husband to TikTok, it appears that she’s sharing some old content of herself hanging out with friends.

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