The new series of Seeking Sister Wife features Sidian and Tosha in their pursuit of Arielle, and it seems she’s fitting right in.

Returning in series 4 of the controversial TLC reality show, the Jones take their search across seas for a new sister wife. Though Tosha says that Arielle already isn’t afraid to ‘boss Sidian around’, the two are worried about how the relationship will work.

Who is Arielle?

Arielle Jazmine Roque is a beauty pageant winner from the Philippines who Sidian describes as “drop-dead gorgeous, long beautiful hair, perfect face, full lips, amazing body.” Though he has never met her, as the two have a long distant relationship, the pair have tried on two occasions.

“Arielle and I have not yet met in person. We have tried twice to meet up with Arielle and failed twice. Which is pretty discouraging.”

Arielle certainly has Tosha’s approval. Not only have the two met, but they actually used to work together!

‘Arielle is a friend I met at work, probably four or five years ago now. And I actually went on a work trip to the Philippines and spent a lot of time with her […] I’ve brought up the idea with Arielle of just testing it out and trying to date Sidian. Because I just [have] grown to really adore her as a person. And when thinking about somebody I’d want as a sister wife, she fits the bill.

Will they get to meet?

The series 4 trailer shows that Sidian does actually make it to the Philippines to meet Arielle. After worrying about whether his relationship with her would survive, it’s actually his relationship with Tosha he worries is under strain.

“Arielle is super beautiful. I’m worried if I bring her to the states then my relationship with Tosha could be damaged.”

Who else is on series 4?

The Jones and Danielle and Garrick are the familiar faces returning this season. But there are a few new additions too. Brenda and Steve are looking for a younger sister wife, and two throuples: Jennifer, April and Nick, and Marcus Taryn and India.

Series 4 is longer than the other series, so it promises to be even more dramatic. Watch on TLC or stream through Hulu to get your fix of the hit show.

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