The rerun of Audrey Schroeder’s Dr Pimple Popper episode has reminded viewers of their desire for an update on her condition, Steatocystoma Multiplex.

Last year, Audrey Schroeder’s appearance on Dr Pimple Popper tugged on heartstrings since the patient suffered from severe Steatocystoma multiplex, where the burning pain was so difficult, it interfered with her daily routine. Her condition was more complicated since she also suffered Crohn’s disease, making her situation even more dangerous.

Fast forward to March 2022, a re-run reminded viewers of her challenging circumstances, and fans are still awaiting an update.

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Audrey Schroeder discusses her condition

Steatocystoma Multiplex is a skin disorder in which multiple non-cancerous cysts filled with sebum begin growing in the skin’s sebaceous glands. They can occur anywhere on the body, but are most common on the neck, torso, arms and upper legs.

For Schroeder, her biggest areas of concern are her neck, back, groin, and under arms.

A rare inherited disorder, Schroeder recalls that they developed rapidly as she aged – it is common for the condition to worsen during puberty. “The burning and the pain is so intense. It’s like if you had the worst pimple of your life, times that by 1000 of them all over by body – it’s excruciating,” she revealed.

The 47-year-old previously battled kidney disease since she was 13, but thankfully, she had a transplant in 2015. She also suffers from Crohn’s disease.

Unfortunately, she’s had bad luck with dermatologists who only pop the cysts to relieve the pain temporarily, but do not extract the sacs, causing in regrowth.

Dr Pimple Popper rescues Audrey

Schroeder’s hopes to extract all her cysts were crushed after Lee explained she could only treat a few to see how her body would react to the procedure.

Since she suffers from Crohn’s, an autoimmune disease, the Shawnigan Lake, BC resident relies on immunosuppressant drugs, making her more susceptible to infection.

By the end of the episode, Dr Pimple Popper removed at least three large noticeable cysts.

Fans beg for an Audrey update

Audrey’s case is one of the episodes that had fans getting emotional due to the pain from the disorder, as well as her other multiple health complications.

Lee did mention that she’s going to see Schroeder again, because her circumstance is “a marathon, not a sprint”.

It’s been over a year since the episode aired in January 2021, and there’s still been no update – no wonder fans have been pleading for more:

“I would love to see more of Audrey’s extractions. I feel like it would be so life changing for her, she just seems so sweet,” said one viewer.

Other fans agreed that an Audrey return is very much needed: “We need this lady back on her show! I love steatocystomas”, and “would love to see more about this case if possible,” they said.

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