The Bad Skin clinic sees Dr Emma and her team of experts on a mission to solve complex skin conditions, including patient Jenny who has a ‘huge’ ear keloid grew a huge amount over two years.

TLC is home to many skin shows, including the famous Dr Pimple Popper, and Save My Skin, and it seems like audiences love watching the satisfying removals of bumps and lumps.

We take a look at Dr Emma Craytorne’s, patient’s ‘giant, gooey’ ear keloid that just kept on growing.

Bad Skin Clinic patient Jenny traveled 6000 miles to get her ear keloid removed

Jenny, originally from the UK, took three flights to get to Dr Emma to remove her ‘kidney stone’ keloid as she felt like she had done ‘everything’ to try and get it removed.

The TLC patient has had the keloid for around two years and says it’s been growing and growing, as well as being itchy, uncomfortable, gunky, and gooey.

As well as the aesthetic problem, Jenny was worried about the keloid distorting her hearing, and it’s also affecting her work and confidence.

Her friends didn’t even know about her keloid as she makes sure it’s hidden by her hair whilst she’s out.

Bad Skin Clinic patient keloid
Credit: Bad Skin Clinic/TLC YouTube

Dr Emma successfully removes the ‘huge’ keloid

Despite Jenny’s keloid being huge, surprisingly, it wasn’t the biggest Emma had seen.

Of course, the Save My Skin doctor said she’ll be able to cut it off, although the patient would have to have radiotherapy to stop it from growing back like it had before.

Like the pro she is, and to the patient’s delight, Emma cut off the keloid with ease as she joked Jenny would ‘feel a kilo lighter.’

The doctor held the removed keloid up proudly as she said it was ‘like a potato.’

Jenny’s ear looked as good as new and she was ecstatic with the results, as she said she was ‘thrilled’ to have her ear back.

Bad Skin Clinic Jenny smiling
Credit: Bad Skin Clinic/TLC YouTube

Fans are in awe at the removal

Fans took to the video to comment on how impressed they were with Dr Emma’s removal.

“Dr. Emma is wonderful. What a change this removal made!” exclaimed one.

Another wrote: “Absolutely wonderful job. And a very delightful patient! Dr. Emma, so professionally done! Blessings and Peace.”

“Wow, definitely a satisfying procedure!” penned another.

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