Bethany Stout has dropped 20 pant sizes since her My 600-lb Life debut

Bethany Stout has dropped 20 pant sizes since her My 600-lb Life debut

Bethany Stout took to TLC’s My 600-lb Life several years ago for help with losing weight. Fast-forward and she’s dropped from a size 38 to size 18 as of March 2021. Never giving up hope, she is one of the show’s major successes.

The aim of the show is to help people weighing at least 600 lbs to follow a diet program provided by Dr. Now, who is based in Houston. Eventually, they hope to drop enough pounds to qualify for weight loss surgery.

However, Bethany found the process far too difficult and ended up leaving the program. Despite appearing to give up, she actually went on to change her entire life around and lose multiple pant sizes as a result.

Meet Bethany Stout

Bethany began the process of losing weight but it wasn’t an easy one for The 600-lb Life star. During a weigh-in, the scales showed 500 lbs, meaning she had put on the pounds rather than lose any, leaving Dr. Now concerned.

She worked successfully with Dr. Now for eight months, ultimately dropping down from 608 pounds to 496. However, Bethany decided to exit the program after putting on some weight just two months later.

The reality star featured on My 600-lb Life Season 8. Appearing on episode 3, the then-40-year-old heard her children say they wanted her to be “human again”. They also said she loved cooking, but it was impossible due to her weight.

Her My 600-lb Life journey

Bethany revealed that she began comfort eating during an unhappy childhood, during which she claims she was neglected by both of her parents. She had depression and anxiety, and often experienced panic attacks.

Once she gave birth to her second child, Bethany’s post-partum depression meant she put on weight. But after a few months in Dr. Now’s program, Bethany Stout had lost enough weight to have gastric sleeve surgery!

After the surgery, she didn’t lose much weight, which saw Dr. Now ask her to see a psychotherapist for emotional eating issues. Bethany disagreed with the request and left the program. By that point, she had lost 100 pounds.

Bethany has dropped 20 pant sizes

Several years since her TLC debut, Bethany has taken action to lose weight. She has lost another 150 pounds and looks significantly different to when she made her appearance on the reality show.

She revealed on Facebook in March 2021 that she had gone from a size 38 to a size 18, and a year later, shared an update with fresh curly locks which shows she is keeping up her healthy diet.

Alongside her weight loss journey which is documented on social media, Bethany runs a Parenting in Progress Facebook page, where she talks about mother and child-related topics. She is also now a grandma!



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