Chris on 1000-lb Sisters‘ voice has been branded “raspy” yet “soothing” enough to be in demand for audiobooks. Many have reacted to how unique Tammy and Amy’s brother sounds since he joined the show.

Spoilers: He has undergone weight loss surgery like his sisters Amy, Tammy and Amanda, and now fits both legs in just one trouser leg he used to wear. However, his voice is the thing that’s distracting viewers.

Chris’ distinct voice has been a subject of concern since season 3, but others are loving how he speaks. When he lost more than 140lb (63kg) on 1000-lb Sisters and his voice didn’t change, fans were curious about why he sounded raspy.

Chris on 1000-lb Sisters’ voice

Chris’ voice on 1000-lb Sisters has always been a topic since he appeared on the show. His permanently raspy voice is believed to be the direct result of smoking cigarettes for years before he finally gave them up, Distractify reports.

Someone on the subreddit for 1000-lb Sisters reportedly wrote Chris also suffers from asthma, which could contribute to the way his voice sounds. According to the Mayo Clinic, asthma can cause vocal cord dysfunction.

When Chris was working towards weight loss surgery, one of the conditions was that he stopped smoking. Many fans believed his voice would sound less raspy following the procedure – but it has remained the same.

His ‘raspy’ voice is in demand for audiobooks

Fans of 1000-lb Sisters are always responding to Chris’ voice on Twitter. However, not all the show’s viewers are in favor of how he sounds and are worried about his health.

One viewer wrote: “I love Chris’ voice #1000lbSisters.”

Another penned: “Why does his voice go from high pitch to low tone and high pitch again when he speaks? I don’t understand why he has so many different tones from high and low. Then, it gets raspy, too!”

“What is with Chris’ voice? Something with his vocal cords?” a fellow fan asked.

Tammy’s brother Chris Combs’ age

Born on October 29, 1980, Chris is 42 years old at the time of writing. He is Amy and Tammy’s older brother who they look up to for guidance and support. They are 35 and 36 respectively.

His sister Amanda Slaton, who is Chris’ brother and half-sister to Tammy and Amy, is also 42 years old. She is a mother to four sons while Chris has a son named Brandon and a daughter, Emily.



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