Caryn Chandler is best known for being Matt Roloff‘s girlfriend. Contrary to rumors though, they aren’t yet husband and wife, but are still happily in a relationship after they began dating in 2017.

One year after splitting from ex Amy Roloff, who is the mother of his children, Matt announced that he has a new girlfriend called Caryn. She didn’t just enter his life though, because she managed Roloff Farm for 10 years.

When Little People Big World returned to screens for its 2022 season, viewers instantly began questioning whether Caryn had become Matt’s wife, and whether they had already gotten married.

Did Matt Roloff get married?

No, Matt has not yet married Caryn. However, they told US Weekly in August 2021 that they wouldn’t consider getting married until 2022, but don’t worry, Caryn promised she would let fans know if they first became engaged.

In early 2020, Chandler responded to a fan’s question on Instagram about an engagement and answered: “No — we are just enjoying life with no rush — I promise to let you know if that changes tho.”

She also told US Weekly that Matt has not asked her the big question yet. It comes after Matt extended an invitation to Amy and Chris Marek to have their wedding at the farm, which he previously co-owned with his ex.

For now, their plans are to “stay committed, stay in love, go to Arizona and spend a tremendous amount of time together”, Matt revealed during a TLC episode in August 2021.

Meet Caryn Chandler: Age and job

Born on October 1st 1967, Caryn is currently 54 years old and worked at Roloff Farm, first as a manager and then as Matt’s personal assistant. She always ran pumpkin season, but as of 2018, Caryn is no longer employed with the farm.

Her net worth is an estimated $4.5 million, which has most likely came from her time spent with Roloff Family Farm but also from her appearances on the show. However, she doesn’t live at the farm despite Matt taking on ownership.

In her spare time, Caryn helps to babysit Matt’s grandkids Jackson, Lilah, Ember, and Bode.

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Matt and Caryn’s relationship timeline

Matt and Caryn were friends and employees for a long time, as she was praised for being manager of the Roloff Farm during a Little People Big World episode, way before him and Amy Roloff divorced.

“Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season, she’s run it for 10 years,” Roloff said, as reported by Cafe Mom. “I enjoy her immensely. Whether we’re working or whether we’re relaxing, we have a great time together.”

They then began dating in 2017, a year after Matt’s official split from Amy. In 2021, the pair moved in together in Arizona. However, when they are back in Portland, they live individually.



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