Since his split from 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel Everett, Pedro Jimeno has kept a low online profile, but he has now returned to Instagram, with fans commenting on his glow up.

The 31-year-old reality star debuted on season four of 90 Day Fiancé in 2016 and gained popularity with his partner, Chantel.

The couple fell deeply in love before they were featured on the TLC spinoff, but eventually lost their passion due to family problems and personal differences.

News of their split came after fans witnessed the couple’s tumultuous relationship unravel during the fourth of The Family Chantel. Pedro and Chantel clashed a number of times as she questioned her husband’s infidelity with one of his coworkers. However, these allegations were never proven to be show after they rowed over them on the show. Pedro had always denied the claims.

Since the breakup, Chantel has kept her followers updated on her new life during the last few months. Whereas Chantel’s ex Pedro was mostly silent on social media as he focused on rebranding himself following his stint on 90 Day Fiancé. He has now returned to the platform as he talks about his real estate career.

Back and better than ever

On July 18, Pedro posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption: “Happy Monday.” This was his last post before a 15-week hiatus from the platform following his split with Chantel.

But now, the reality star has made his return to social media and has had the ultimate glow-up since his last post.

In the photo, Pedro can be seen wearing a turtle neck sweater and smiling while taking a selfie in the mirror. He has let his hair grow out into curls and donned a full beard.

Although he has turned off his Instagram comments after an outpouring of backlash, a limited number of friends and fans have complimented him on his new look.

“Looking good Pedro!” one person commented.

A second penned: “That glow up.”

“Congratulations, you have come a long way,” wrote a third.

A new image?

Although Pedro was once seen as a likable 90 Day Fiancé cast member, his new attitude during season 4 of The Family Chantel garnered him the labels of a “user”. The cruel comments from fans stemmed from the rocky patch the duo were facing at the time.

It seems this return to social media is a bid to start over in the public eye after viewers thought he crossed the line on numerous occasions throughout the show.

Pedro has leaned away from his former reality TV image and has now been presenting himself as a real estate agent online.

In the past week, he has already shared several posts, as an apparent part of his rebranding. This includes a video that promoted him as a realtor, driving an Audi, and countless images of himself wearing turtlenecks.

Throwing shade

Screenshot: The Downfall of Pedro and Chantel: Most Dramatic Moments from Season 4 | The Family Chantel YouTube

However, Pedro’s return to social media has come with a vengeance as he has been indirectly calling out his former wife and in-laws through cryptic posts.

He recently posted a clip of himself driving an Audi RS5 and captioned the post: They don’t like me but they watch at me,” which indirectly hints at those who aren’t his fans.

In addition, a few weeks ago, he posted an ambiguous Instagram story where he wrote: “The apple may look beautiful on the outside but rotten on the inside,” which fans think is a jibe at his estranged wife. However, Pedro has never confirmed who the cryptic messages were aimed it. It also appears his ex Chantel never responded to the posts either.

Pedro seemingly took another hit at Chantel, amid their divorce when he responded to a fan’s Instagram comment.

“Wow you look rejuvenated haha congratulations. You look amazing!!!” the person commented under Pedro’s Friday, October 21, Instagram post. He replied, “Nobody is going to take away my happiness and my desire to work and be successful.”


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