Cynthia from My 600-Lb Life shares updates with fans since the show
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Cynthia from My 600-Lb Life shares updates with fans since the show

My 600-Lb Life season 5 episode 3 tells Cynthia’s story. She felt like a “burden” to her family and, like many other people who appear on the show, fear that if they don’t change their lifestyles, they’ll not be able to continue to see her children’s future.

Cynthia appeared on My 600-Lb Life seeking the help of Houston-based Doctor Now who is well-known for his expertise in bariatric surgery. Since the show aired in 2017, Cynthia has shared updates via her Facebook profile. So, let’s take a look at where she is today.

Meet Cynthia Wells

When Cynthia appeared on My 600-Lb Life season 5 episode 3, she was 42 years old.

She hails from Oklahoma City and is a single mother of five.

Judging by her Facebook page, she works as a teacher as of 2021.

Cynthia’s My 600-Lb Life journey

Cynthia started out her journey on the TLC series at 603 lbs.

She said that in middle school, she weighed 250 lbs and was bullied. She added that she dieted all the way through middle and high school to try and lose weight and look like everyone else.

Cynthia said that she never lost much weight and began having seizures as a teenager. She also attempted suicide and later turned to food for comfort.

In her late twenties, she took in three of her cousin’s children and later had two children of her own.

She took part in Dr Now’s plan on the show and after 10 months, she had received weight loss surgery and lost a total of 151 lbs.

Dr Now encouraged her to get counseling for her relationship with food but Cynthia said after a session that she didn’t think she needed that type of help.

By the end of the episode, her total weight loss was 156 lbs.

Where is Cynthia now?

Cynthia’s My 600-Lb Life episode aired in 2017, five years on and it appears that she’s still doing well.

Looper reported that Cynthia’s weight is now in the “mid-300 range”.

Cynthia’s recent Facebook posts show her looking happy. She’s still clearly making her children her top priority as she also shares many photos of them on social media. She’s also taking snaps heading out with friends and socializing in 2022.

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