Colt Johnson’s mom will be showing off her new Halloween-inspired red hair on October 31st, when she appears on 90 Day Bares All.

Fans who have caught a glimpse of the star’s transformation are already in shock, as the 90 Day Fiance appears to have decreased her age overnight.

She underwent a complete transformation, going from a short grey bob to longer, fiery locks, which Debbie described as “Halloween perfect”.

We explored Colt’s mom’s pictures before and after the dramatic change. If you can’t quite remember how she looked previously, we’ve got it covered.

90 Day Bares All | Season 2 First Look Trailer

90 Day Bares All | Season 2 First Look Trailer

Debbie Johnson before red hair

Debbie had short, grey locks, and continued to sport that look for every 90 Day Fiance episode where she made comments on Colt’s relationships.

Having first met Colt’s mom on season six, in 2018, we’ve only ever seen her on the sidelines, sharing her thoughts on his relationship with Vanessa.

The 69-year-old did not appear to wear make-up and wouldn’t have been seen as the ‘glamorous’ type, but that’s all changed now.

She will now become more of a focus, and is looking for a new man on 90 Day: The Single Life, which airs on November 12th.

In November 2020, Debbie actually did dye her hair a slight red, but it didn’t make a lot of difference. Now, she’s gone for the full works!

90 Day Bares All: Debbie’s new hair

Debbie has now undergone a total transformation.

The 90 Day Fiance star went from grey to bright red, and even has a new tattoo – the first she has ever got before the age of 70.

A new hair style means she appears more girly and classy, with longer, bright red locks to match her more fashionable clothes!

She also has plans to “get a little Botox here and there”, as per US Weekly.

Debbie described her new look and said:

I have a total makeover here. I got a new hair style. I have long hair, red hair. I also have a tattoo—brand new. I’ve never had one before. First time at almost 70 years old. It’s exciting. So, a little Botox here and there and all set.

Fans react to Debbie’s younger look

Fans of Colt’s mom could not believe it when her new look began circling social media, with many more to be shocked on 90 Day Bares All.

Despite Debbie looking significantly younger, some think it’s too extreme… and there are several fans who are wondering where ‘mommy Debbie’ is.

One viewer said: “No hate but that doesn’t look like Debbie at all!”

Another wrote: “This is so wrong. My jaw is on the floor but for all the wrong reasons. Debbie was fine the way she was.”

While a few don’t even recognise who Debbie is, others loved the look. “New phone who dis. She looks good, tho”, said a fan on Twitter.

One revealed: “OMG!!…….Honestly….I was saying to myself…the only Debbie I can think of is Colt’s mom…….AND I STILL DIDNT RECOGNIZE HER!…..”



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