Deon Derrico has barely aged despite looking after 14 children
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Deon Derrico has barely aged despite looking after 14 children

The father of the Derrico family, Deon, has barely got one wrinkle despite the long list of responsibilities that come with being a dad. And it’s not just a few children to parent, but 14 of them.

Alongside Karen Derrico, Doubling Down With the Derricos shows what it’s really like to house, feed and look after a family-of-16, and STILL be potentially planning to have more of them.

Some may think the large amount of responsibility could lead to stress and therefore quite a few frown lines, but parenting doesn’t seem to phase Deon and his wife. In fact, they are well-praised for their mom and dad skills.

We found out exactly how old Deon is and how he manages to stay wrinkle-free…

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Dean Derrico’s age

Born on September 16th 1970, Dean Derrico is 51 years old at the time of writing. Having grown up the youngest child of two, he is now a father to 14 children, including eldest daughter Darian, who is 16.

This would mean Dean had his first child aged 35. His wife Karen, born on February 26 1980, is now 41 years of age, meaning she is ten years younger than him.

Dean and Karen are now considering having more children. His oldest son and father to a daughter, Derron, 30, was adopted long before Dean married his wife and started having kids with her.

How he stays looking young

Dean Derrico doesn’t let age play a factor in his fun, as he was seen roller-skating during the latest episode of the TLC show. Despite having 14 children to look after, he never seems too tired and usually joins in with playing.

He told US Weekly:

We have not shut the factory down, and I can’t tell you when we will, to be honest. From my perspective, I just have that empty nester fear. I want to always have a child, a baby, in the house with us. That’s how I feel.

The TLC Star also cuts his son’s hair, gets just as immersed in Disney as his children, and often busts a move or two with his family while dancing in the kitchen. Perhaps having kids consistently brings out his playful side!

Plus, if his mother GG is anyone to go by, he definitely inherited her youthful genes – she barely has a wrinkle.

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How old is his mom GG?

GG, whose real name is Marian Derrico, is currently 70 years old. She glows from the outside, but has had a history of health issues after surviving lung cancer eight years ago.

She has been featured on the TLC show several times, as she is often seen helping Karen take care of their 14 kids. In 2021, GG was sent to the hospital after being diagnosed with Emphysema.

It happened the year after the entire family tested positive for Covid-19, when they were worried about Marian due to her being at high risk after surviving cancer.

Despite her Emphysema diagnosis, the third season shows Marian back spending time with her family at their home. Dean and Karen have been speaking to her to find out whether she wants to move to South Carolina with them.



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