Little People, Big World fans may be wondering if brother Zach and Jeremy Roloff speak in 2022. The questions surrounding whether the twins are on speaking terms come after there has been a very public rift in the Roloff family in recent years.

A portion of the Roloff Farm was listed for sale in 2022 after neither Jeremy nor Zach bought the land. Episodes of the TLC show showed the tension between Matt and Zach Roloff.

But less is known about the relationship between Jeremy and his family as he’s no longer a cast member on the show. So, let’s find out more about Zach Roloff and Jeremy in 2022.

Zach Roloff on Little People, Big World
Screenshot: “It Doesn’t Fix Anything!” Matt & Zach Have An Awkward Family Reunion l Little People Big World – YouTube

Who are Zach and Jeremy?

Zach and Jeremy Roloff are twin brothers who were born in 1990 to parents Amy and Matt Roloff.

Both Zach and Jeremy appeared on Little People, Big World, a TLC show about the Roloff family’s life and farm, from when it first began in 2006.

While Zach is still a cast member on the show, alongside his wife Tori Roloff and their three children, Jeremy decided to leave the TLC series in 2018.

Do Zach and Jeremy Roloff speak?

The Sun reported in August 2021, that Zach and Jeremy aren’t on talking terms.

Their rift developed after a big fall-out and the brothers don’t appear to have been able to make amends since.

The Sun reports that a source previously said that LPBW’s: “Tori and Audrey ‘always got along’ but their husbands got into a huge argument one day and ‘everything changed’.”

As for why they fell out, The Sun writes: “The fall-out was centred around lack of respect, as Zach felt he didn’t get enough support from Jeremy, but he didn’t agree, the insider claimed.”

InTouch Weekly reports that: “Zach and Jeremy put their differences aside to attend their mother, Amy Roloff’s, wedding to Chris Marek in August 2021.”

The stars’ IG pages suggest they don’t speak

Four years ago, Jeremy and Zach were both cast members on Little People, Big World, but nowadays it seems that things have really changed for the whole family. Jackson had just been born and Zach took him to meet his uncle Jeremy on the show back in 2018.

Given that neither Zach nor Jeremy have posted photos with one another for around two years, it confirms The Sun’s report that they’re still not on talking terms. Zach last posted an Instagram photo of himself, Jeremy and their children in 2020.

Jeremy last posted a photo of himself with his siblings to the ‘grami n 2019 in a tribute to their late grandmother.

Tori also posted a group photo including Zach, Jeremy Audrey and herself in 2019.



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