Dr Pimple Popper returns again this week for episode 6 of her new series, where we’re introduced to her friend Raquel, as well as patient Brittney, who suffers from a bad case of Steatocystoma, which causes bumps and cysts over her body, especially her chest.

The TLC show is in its sixth season and fifth year as fans can’t get enough of the doctor’s day-to-day life of helping patients with rare skin conditions, and of course, watching her pop and squeeze cysts and pimples.

Dr Lee also helps to improve her patients’ lives as they suffer both mentally and physically from their conditions.

We take a look at Brittney’s condition ahead of episode 6 of Dr Pimple Popper‘s new season.

Dr Pimple Popper patient Brittney’s condition ‘beats her up’

Brittney has a skin condition that causes her to have several bumps all over her body, which she says “beats her up” as she feels like she’s ‘not being strong enough.’

Dr Sandra Lee then goes on to explain that they’re Steatocystomas, which is one of the more “physically taxing” procedures that she does.

The patient says her bumps are holding her back from having a fulfilled relationship, and reveals going on dates is “a little nerve-wracking.”

Brittney then goes on to tell a story about how she had a ‘friend’ who made a comment after rubbing over her bumps which “hurt so bad.”

She’s an avid dancer and thoroughly enjoys pole dancing, and wants to be an instructor.

However, she does a lot of home workouts as she feels as if she can’t be wearing gym clothing with her skin condition, as she’ll have to worry about everyone looking at her.

The trailer goes on to show Britteny getting treatment, however, Dr Lee says she “can’t squeeze anymore.”

We’re hoping she gets the treatment she needs for her Steatocystomas but we don’t doubt Dr Pimple Popper’s pops for a second!

Fans show sympathy for the patient’s condition

Fans rushed to the comments to express sympathy for the patient’s condition after watching Brittney’s Dr Pimple Popper trailer on TLC’s Instagram page.

“Yes, you are being strong enough my dear. Stronger than you will ever realize,” wrote one fan.

Another penned: “Man, one pimple or stretch mark has some of is already feeling self-conscious. Hope she can find relief.”

“I’m so sorry that’s not a friend. Hopefully, the doctor can offer some help,” another commented.

What else can we expect from the new episode?

Also featured in Dr Pimple Popper’s episode is 6 patient John who has a nose the size of a plum. Unfortunately, the condition does not only affect him mentally but also physically as he’s stopped going out due to embarrassment.

The official episode description also teases something we’ve never seen before, Dr Pimple Popper’s wild side, as her friend Raquel drops by.

We can’t wait to see a new side to Dr Lee!

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