Dr Pimple Popper is back with a brand new episode 8, so before the episode comes to our screens, we take a sneak peek of what she has in store, including patient Tyler who has excruciatingly painful dry, cracked hands.

The TLC show is great for popaholics who love seeing Sandra squeeze and pop a number of cysts and pimples, however, she also helps people with numerous skin conditions which affect their daily lives.

We take a look at Dr Pimple Popper patient Tyler’s excruciatingly dry hands, and what else we can expect from this week’s episode.

Dr Pimple Popper with hands in the air
Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/TLC YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper patient Tyler’s dry cracked hands give him constant pain

Patient Tyler says his hands feel like sandpaper, full of cuts. His small cuts feel like ‘papercuts’ whereas he says his big ones feel like ‘knife cuts.’

He says he can’t fully shut his hands without them cracking and splitting, making it hard for him to do simple day to day tasks, like going to the bathroom.

They don’t ever stop hurting him, and he says the pain is so extruciating that he would rather cut his hands off then have them for another second.

He says he goes through three 80 oz bottles of cream a week, although nothing seems to help him.

In a sneak peek, Dr Sandra Lee can be seen telling Tyler to stop rubbing his hands which she calls ‘a big no no.’

Fans express their sympathy

Many fans took to the Instagram comments to show their sympathy for the patient’s condition, and it seemed like many of them could relate.

“Omg the cracking skin gave me chills. My heart goes out to him and everyone in the comments that has something like it,” wrote one.

One said: “My hands is EXACTLY like this!!”

Another penned: “Eczema on the hands like that is a hell people will never understand unless they’ve experienced it themselves.”

“Sheesh! I’d just put my hands in Vaseline all day to avoid the pain!” wrote one.

What else can we expect?

Also heading into Dr Pimple Popper’s office this week is patient Ebonee who wears sunglasses to cover the bumps surrounding her eyelid which she says ‘keeps coming back.’

She also sees patient Ralph who describes his body as a ‘cyst factory’ as his many back cysts constantly leak and stain his shirt.

We’re sure Dr Pimple Popper will be able to work her magic on these patients as she has with so many others!

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