Dr Pimple Popper is back with episode 6 this Wednesday, and of course, she’s dropped a sneak peek of patient John who has a nose ‘the size of a plum‘.

The show has been entertaining and educating viewers since it first aired in 2014, and with an array of episodes, Dr Lee never fails to be surprised as no matter how long she’s done her job, there’s always a new challenge ahead in Dr Pimple Popper’s office.

We take a look at John’s condition, and similar conditions Dr Pimple Popper has dealt with in the past.

Dr Pimple Popper with mask looking at patients cyst
Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/TLC YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper patient John has a nose ‘the size of a plum’

Dr Pimple Popper patient John stars in episode 6 of the new TLC season as he says he has a “nose the size of the plum.”

He started noticing a change in his nose in 2000, and says in the last 30 years, his nose has grown twice as wide and longer.

Describing the texture he says: “It feels kind of like scars and snakeskin and it’s rough.”

As well as physically, unfortunately, John’s nose has also been affecting him mentally as he suffers from depression and doesn’t really leave the house.

“To have this problem for 20 years is terrible, I’m trapped,” John revealed, as he called himself a ‘hermit.’ It’s gotten so bad that the patient has stopped seeing his family as he doesn’t attend Christmas or Birthdays.

Fans try to guess what John is suffering from

As the show has been airing since 2018, and she’s posted countless videos for fans to awe over, Dr Sandra Lee has now put fans to the test as she asks them:

“What do you think is going on with this man’s nose?” she stated in the Instagram caption as TLC shared a sneak peek of patient John ahead of the new Dr Pimple Popper episode.

It looks like many of her fans have turned into experts as a lot of them responded with: “Rhinophyma.”

One guessed: “Rhinophyma/Rosacea.”

Another said: “Awww, prayers he can be helped to get his confidence and life back to enjoy being social again. God bless.”

We guess we’ll have to wait until the episode airs to see exactly what he’s suffering from.

This isn’t Dr Pimple Popper’s first nose problem

In season four of the TLC show, Dr Sandra Lee saw a huge Rynophyma case with patient Roger, which hardcore Popper fans will have no trouble remembering.

Roger had a growth on his nose for 11 years, which was the ‘size of a tennis ball.’ The patient’s nose gave him trouble doing simple day-to-day tasks such as eating, as it got in the way due to size.

He also had difficulty breathing through his nose as a result of the heaviness and had to get oxygen via his mouth.

An update was shared in 2021, which Roger said: “changed his life,” so hopefully the same can be done for Dr Pimple Popper patient John.


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