Dr Pimple Popper’s patient Dennis has one ‘very large’ bump at the back of his head, which the doctor describes as a “water balloon cyst”. That’s not all though, he also has three smaller ones at the sides and top, totaling four altogether.

The TLC show has been running for years, and despite all the bumps and lumps Dr Pimple Popper has seen, some patients still manage to surprise her, just like Dennis with his humungous head cysts.

Dr Pimple Popper looking at Denns' head cysts
Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/TLC YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper patient Dennis has four large head cysts

Dr Pimple Popper patient Dennis has four large lumps on his head. The biggest at the back is ‘very loose’ as he ‘shakes’ it for the camera.

The oldest bump is 30 years old, with the biggest at the back having bothered him for six years. The smaller ones at the side of his head, have shown up since the back bump appeared.

As well as aesthetic problems, the patient now has trouble sleeping due to the pain from lying down on the lumps.

Although he can cover the three bumps at the top of his head with a baseball cap, the one at the back is still in full show.

Of course, this leads to people on the street staring, which makes Dennis feel “vulnerable”. He the revealed that he once told a little kid that he had a “second brain,” leaving him gobsmacked.

Dr Pimple pops Dennis’ “water balloon pilar cyst”

As he wants a better night’s sleep, Dennis takes a trip to Dr Pimple Popper’s office, who at first glance thinks they could be pilar cysts, or maybe even lipomas.

However, upon seeing the large bump at the back, Dr Lee doubts it is a pillar cyst, as she exclaims: “If this is a pillar cyst it’s the most giant pillar cyst I’ve ever seen.”

Taking to the operating table, Dr Sandra Lee realizes it is in fact a pillar cyst full of liquid, which as she calls it a a “water ballon” cyst.

She then puts the biggest on the scale, which weighs two pounds! She then pops the cyst which ‘oozes’ with water.

As the largest removal was so much work, the patient was asked to come back to the surgery in a couple of days to remove the rest.

Dennis’ cysts reminds views of patient Todd

Popaholics may remember Dr Pimple Popper patient Todd, who had a forehead cyst similar to Dennis.

Todd’s 25-year-old forehead cyst was the size of one and a half golf balls which got ‘bigger and bigger’ over the years.

Of course, the TLC doctor worked her magic just like she did with Dennis, and Todd’s forehead looked as good as new after the operation.

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