When she’s not on screen, Dr Pimple Popper carries on entertaining fans on her social media, and recently she’s posted arguably her most satisfying video yet, as she reacts to a removal of many sebaceous filaments from ‘oil-filled’ nose pores.

The TLC doctor has been entertaining fans for years and she pops and removes an array of pimples and cysts. A popaholics dream, however, the faint-hearted may want to find the remote. We take a look at Dr Pimple Popper‘s most recent Instagram video, which has fans coming back for more.

Dr Pimple Popper with hands up looking shocked
Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/TLC YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper reacts to a nose filled with sebaceous filaments

Taking to her Instagram, Dr Sandra Lee reacted to a video of someone removing a ton of sebaceous filaments from their nose pores. However, it’s unlikely they were a professional like the TLC doctor, as they only went and used nail clippers!

Although the doctor strongly advised against this, even she had to admit it was a little satisfying.

In the clip, Sandra informed the viewers that sebaceous filaments were present in the nose pores, as viewers could see them “slipping out” of the pores up close.

The person in the video, whose face cannot be seen uses a toenail clipper to satisfyingly remove the oil from many pores leaving huge gaps.

Although she admits it is satisfying, Dr Pimple Popper tells patients you don’t actually have to remove these. She recommends using salicylic acid, or even a cleanser to help keep the pores clear.

“If you keep pulling these out, they’re just going to reform again,” she warns. “Those pores are filled with oil, they’re pretty dilated,” she continued.

In the caption, she wrote: “I do NOT recommend using a nail clipper or a cuticle trimmer on your skin…but it is a little satisfying to watch.”

Fans are in awe of the ‘extremely satisfying’ removal

Although Dr Lee warned fans against using nail clippers for the removal, it didn’t stop fans from sharing their satisfaction in the comments. The Instagram video, which can only be described as a popaholics dream has been flooded with thousands of comments, and honestly, we get it.

One fan, who could relate, penned: “My ex had a lot of these, I used to make him lay down while I picked them out, I miss that.”

“Sooooo satisfying when it leaves a gaping hole! Lol,” replied one avid popaholic.

“I could watch this for hours though,” commented another.

One went as far as to say: “One of the most satisfying things I’ve seen in 2023.”

Dr Pimple Popper has dealt with many noses in her time

Despite this removal not being one of her own, Dr Pimple Popper has dealt with many nose problems in her time, most famously, patient Roger, who had a case of Rhinophyma.

The patient had the growth on his nose for 11 years, which grew to the size of a tennis ball. Roger’s day-to-day life was harmed by his nose, from his breathing to eating.

Of course, Dr Pimple Popper helped to transform Roger into a new man, and in 2021, he shared an update saying the doctor had “changed his life.”

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