Dr Pimple Popper is back on our screens, and when she’s not on TLC, she’s just like us, scrolling through TikTok and reacting to videos, the latest being a super long ingrown hair removal.

The show has us engrossed in watching Dr Sandra Lee popping and squeezing an array of pimples, cysts, and boils, and some fans just can’t get enough. Although the more faint-hearted, probably want to look away now.

We take a look at Dr Pimple Popper‘s latest ingrown hair removal. (Watch if you dare).

Dr Pimple Popper with mask looking at patients cyst
Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/TLC YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper reacts to ingrowing hair removal

One thing about the TLC Dr is that she’s going to still be in work mode on her day off, and that’s why her fans love her and her videos so much.

Taking to her Instagram to post the video, she wrote: “I think that’s a little acne scarring that is now housing ingrown hairs and wow are those hairs long and clean! Impressive!”

You know it’s impressive when even Dr Pimple Popper is shocked. As the client is removing the hair with a needle, a huge cluster of hair comes out rather than just a single hair.

“That is hair in there, that has been there for a while, there is a cluster of that!” the TLC star exclaims.

She goes on to explain that there is probably scar tissue or old diluted pores that allow clusters of hair follicles to collect in that area.

Fans react to Dr Pimple Popper’s reaction

Of course, fans had to react to Dr Pimple Popper’s reaction, however, although some as always, were loving the content, some weren’t as satisfied as she was.

One of Sandra’s followers said: “That was so satisfying.”

Another wrote: “I could watch these all day.”

“Omg!! I need to see the whole video!!” one who couldn’t get enough exclaimed.

“Nothing satisfying here, it looks extremely painful,” penned one.

“That’s literally my worst nightmare,” claimed another.

Others couldn’t believe how long the hair was: “That was a wig,” they joked.

Dr Sandra Lee demonstrates how to remove an ingrown hair

As well as keeping us entertained, Dr Pimple Popper also likes to inform and educate her viewers. Ingrown hairs are probably the most common problem the Dr sees, as most of us have had one or another at some point in our lives, so she’s here to help.

In a Dr Oz Youtube video, the TLC star demonstrated exactly how to remove those pesky things.

She advised to use a warm compress, or even take a warm shower to release the pressure. Dr Oz then went on to demonstrate squeezing the spot, grabbing the tweezers, and pulling the hair out, leading to cheers in the crowd.


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