A Dr Pimple Popper patient sought help from Dr Sandra Lee for his self-proclaimed ‘butt knob’ in 2022.

After the “giant bump” had been growing for 24 years, the Dr Pimple Popper patient headed to Dr Lee’s office for advice and treatment.

He explained that going through airport security and wearing regular trousers was difficult and that he was unable to live a “normal” life due to the large bump.

The TLC show followed the patient’s journey after he said that Dr Lee was his “only hope” for achieving a better quality of life.

Jamaal speaks to Dr Lee out of shot on Dr Pimple Popper
Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Meet Jamaal from Dr Pimple Popper

Introducing himself on Dr Pimple Popper, Jamaal says that he’s 33 years old and hails from Los Angeles.

More importantly, Jamaal explains the reason for his appearance on the show.

Music producer Jamaal says that he has a “butt knob” AKA a bump on his backside which first appeared when he was a child.

He heads into Dr Sandra Lee‘s office to have the bump looked at.

Jamaal’s bump ‘began to change’

Explaining how his ‘butt knob’ began, Jamaal said that he was on a fairground ride at nine years old.

He said: “I sat on one of those rides that you put 25 cents in and it cut my left butt cheek.”

Jamaal went home and had the cut cleaned. He said: “It healed just fine,” but then a bump began growing.

The TLC star said that he is now feeling “severe lower back pain” as he has to sit awkwardly all day in his career as a music producer.

He added that the reason for him seeking help from Dr Pimple Popper now was due to the bump “changing.”

Jamaal said that sometimes it’ll “feel like a tennis ball,” but other times it’ll feel “like a cotton ball.”

He was concerned that the changes in the lump could mean that it had become cancerous and reached out to multiple doctors.

Dr Pimple Popper removed the ‘butt knob’

Jamaal expressed his concerns when he entered Dr Pimple Popper’s office.

With Jamaal’s case, Dr Pimple Popper opted for an MRI scan initially to take a look at his ‘butt knob’.

She said that she wanted to remove the lump and then send it to pathology so that she could conclude what the cells are.

Dr Lee proceeded to remove Jamaal’s lump and successfully took out the lipoma.

She said: “I can’t wait to show him his new booty.”

After the lump was removed, Jamal said: “Oh wow, never been so happy to have a flat butt… I feel amazing.”

He added that he immediately felt that his back pain improved: “Dr Lee, she has an amazing spirit… I feel grateful for her.”

Dr Lee has become such a legend for her work that fans are keen to get their hands on Dr Lee’s skincare line in 2023.


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