Dr Pimple Popper is back on TLC, and while we wait for the next episode, she’s treating us with her YouTube videos, the latest being her squeezing a humongous neck lipoma that oozes a ‘mozzarella’ substance upon removal.

The TLC Doctor has been entertaining fans for years as she pops and squeezes a variety of pimples, cysts, and lipomas, as well as treating an array of skin conditions.

We take a closer look at Dr Pimple Popper‘s latest video, and what fans are saying on the matter.

Dr Pimple Popper patient huge neck lipoma
Credit: Dr Sandra Lee/Dr Pimple Popper YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper squeezes humongous neck lipoma

Like the expert she is, Dr Sandra Lee carefully opens the patient’s neck lipoma, in the awkward neck area. Once sliced open, the Dr squeezes out a number of yellow substances which she describes as ‘mozzarella.’

Whilst performing the operation, she apologizes for the “strange noises” which can only be described as a squelching sound, which may, of course, prove satisfying to some fans.

Sandra captioned her video: “Tastes Like Mozzarella Lipoma on Neck,” we’re not sure how Dr Lee knows this, but we’re hoping for everyone’s sake she didn’t try it!

Dr Pimple Popper shares ‘after’ photos of neck lipoma removal

After the procedure is performed to perfection in Dr Pimple Popper’s office, she then goes ahead and stitches the wound back up, and shows the amazing results.

The ‘unpopped’ lipoma was described by some fans as ‘the biggest yet.’

“This one on the patient’s neck was one of the biggest ones she’s ever posted,” said one.

However, going by the after results, you may not be able to see anything there. Take a look for yourself below!

Dr Pimple Popper after photo of neck lipoma
Credit: Dr Sandra Lee/Dr Pimple Popper YouTube

Fans are in awe

Although Dr Lee’s content isn’t for everyone, (especially not the faint-hearted) many fans took to the comments to share how ‘satisfying’ the video was for them.

“Perfect example of why I love to watch Dr. Lee’s video: she dissects with such skill and precision! She still manages to be considerate of patient comfort and incisional aesthetics. Love it!”

“Satisfying lipoma removal! Great job, Dr. Lee!” wrote another.

“I think I’m in the mood for some peach cobbler now!” joked another.

“Such an awkward area but she makes it look effortless. Brilliant,” praised another.

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