Dr Pimple Popper is satisfying all her popaholics’ obsessions with her content as she posts a clip on her Dr Pimple Popper account of a pop oozing “fresh pasta ribbons.” Fans were “delighted” by the post with many writing “it was a good one” as well as being “beautiful.”

The TLC star is set to wrap up her show’s ninth season in June 2023. Although Dr Sandra Lee won’t be appearing on screen weekly, she still always keeps her fans up-to-date with all kinds of pops and throwbacks to some of her most memorable cysts, lipomas, and much more.

Dr Pimple Popper raises eyebrows at patient who is out of shot wearing black mask and SLMD blue top
Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Dr Lee squeezes ‘fresh pasta ribbon’ pus

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Dr Pimple Popper shared a clip of herself squeezing lots of pus from a patient, although Dr Lee doesn’t specify the body part.

The TLC star gave her fans some slo-mo footage of her squeezing pus from a patient’s body and fans were overjoyed.

Some fans wrote that they thought the pop was “gorgeous,” while others were curious to know what the substance smelt like.

One asked: “Does it smell?”

And another fan replied: “…like absolute hell.”

Fans say ‘just add sauce’

Dr Pimple Popper captioned the clip “Saturday night vibes.” Judging by the post’s comments section, the pop made lots of people’s night.

Tonnes of people commented that the pop looked just like “fresh pasta,” others specified “fettucine” as the type of pasta that was squeezed. Others wrote “pus ribbons” and “ribbons of cheese” to describe it.

More fans said the pus could make Cacio e Pepe with more saying that this is “how pasta is made,” and just to “add sauce.”

Another said the pop was “forbidden tagliatelle.”

Popaholics liken pus to mayo

As well as describing Dr Pimple Popper’s pop as “beautiful fresh pasta,” others said the pus looked like “spray cheese.”

More similarities were drawn between the pus and “canned cheese,” as well as “butter paste out of a pastry pipette.”

More said the pop was a “mayo dispenser,” “like butter,” and similar-looking to “lemon curd.”

Dr eEe can be heard in the video checking on the patient’s mom as she asks: “You OK mamma?”

The patient’s mom replies: “Yes,” as the yellow pus is squeezed, releasing in ribbons.

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