Dr Pimple Popper repairs a patient’s ear lobe after squeezing “never-ending soft serve” from beneath the skin. Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee spends her days changing people’s lives with her pops. The earlobe pop is certainly one that popaholics won’t forget any time soon.

The TLC star often likens her pops to different foodstuffs. Fans of Dr Pimple Popper have seen everything from potato gnocchi oozes to cottage cheese-like extractions. So, let’s take more of a look at the ice cream-style goo that was released from one patient’s ear lobe.

Dr PImple Popper smiles at camera wearing green blouse and white overcoat
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Dr Pimple Popper squeezes out ‘soft serve’

Dr Pimple Popper tackled a previously untouched cyst on a patient’s earlobe in 2023 and released “never-ending soft serve.”

The doctor extracted an enormous amount of pus from her patient’s ear before removing the sac entirely.

After popping all the contents of the cyst, which had remained in the ear lobe for “years,” Dr Sandra Lee successfully repaired the incision.

Patient’s ear lobe oozed in slo-mo

To many popaholics’ delight, Dr Pimple Popper slowed down the procedure for her YouTube channel as she squeezed all the ice-cream-style goo from her patient’s cyst.

Speaking to her patient after the oozy slo-mo, Dr Sandra Lee explained that she needed to remove the sac.

She said: “… seems a little bit blue on the bottom. I think maybe there’s pigment in your skin that darkened it or also it got bruised before?”

Cyst removal impresses Dr Pimple Popper fans

Taking to the YouTube comments section, tonnes of Dr Pimple Popper fans wrote how “impressed” they were by the ear lobe extraction.

Many viewers were “shocked” at just how much “ooze” came out of the ear lobe cyst.

Some said that they are “always surprised” at how much “stuff comes out of these small cysts.”

Another added: “That is one of the fastest and cleanest sac removals I’ve ever seen!! Next level impressive!”

More commented that the extraction was “sublime,” and that Dr Lee is “skilled” in her work.

Others said that they kept watching the cyst removal “on a loop,” and another wrote: “I never knew earlobes could have that much gunk in them.”

Fans also wrote that the pop was “satisfying,” and more described the pus as looking like a “worm.”


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