Dr Pimple Popper’s season finale featured a man named Nhan who had lost all faith and trust in doctors after receiving laser treatment in the past. Living with a birthmark on his face, Nhan was bullied at school and experienced depression all his life.

Nhan says that when he “looks in the mirror,” he sees himself “like a monster,” and describes himself as an “ugly guy.” He makes the decision to visit Dr Sandra Lee during the 2023 show. The Dr Pimple Popper star endures a “torture-like” laser during season 9 episode 20.

Nhan speaks to camera on Dr Pimple Popper wearing red tshirt
Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Nhan on Dr Pimple Popper

TLC show Dr Pimple Popper’s ninth season came to an end on Wednesday, August 23.

Patients Nhan, Debbie, and Justin are all heading to Dr Pimple Popper’s office in need of some help.

Nhan explains that a birthmark that covers half of his face is “destroying his life,” and recalls being called “two-face” at school.

He says: “It’s dark and it’s bumpy and with a lot of pimples on it. The pimples feel hard and rubbery.”

Nhan adds that sometimes the birthmark “smells like dead or burned skin.”

Nhan lost faith in doctors

At 23 years old, Nhan sought the help of a doctor who completed a series of laser treatments on his face.

The doctor was based in Dallas and gave Nhan 12 treatments – one a month for a year.

Speaking of his experience, Nhan said that he “had a lot of hope,” but after the laser, his birthmark “just kept growing bigger…”

He said he was left feeling like he “couldn’t trust any doctor.”

Dr Pimple Popper treats the birthmark

During the TLC show, Nhan decided to put his trust in Dr Sandra Lee and Dr Arisa Ortiz.

Sandra described the laser treatment Nhan required as being like “a form of torture.”

She explains that “heat is generated,” and that the procedure is “very complex.”

Dr Pimple Popper says that “his complexion, age, whether the skin has hair on it,” and more factors have to be considered.

During his laser treatment, Dr Ortiz says that his skin responds very well. Nhan is set to return for multiple laser sessions to see more of an improvement.


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