Brent on Dr. Pimple Popper visits Dr. Sandra Lee’s clinic with a tricep bump. Brent has a lipoma and hopes that Dr Pimple Popper can tackle the tricep bump, a “soft” and “squishy” lump he has had for 12 years. So, who is Brent?

He has a tricep bump that could be intertwined in his muscle. Brent is just one of many clients who trusted Dr Pimple Popper to help solve their unusual skin issues. He actually went to a doctor when he first found the lump…

Brent on Dr Pimple Popper

Brent has a tricep bump lipoma on Dr Pimple Popper and stars on the August 9 episode of the TLC show. He said his lipoma “sits on his tricep” and has done so ever since he first found the lump 12 years ago.

He revealed that, although it feels “soft and squishy” to touch gently, it “feels hard” if he pushes deeper. Brent said in a confessional: “The doctor said it is a lipoma, but it was too attached to my muscle for him to do a procedure.”

Brent added, “He said he would have to cut out my muscle to get rid of the lump.” One fan commented, “Cut out the muscle? That former doc just didn’t want to work. Good that he found the right doc now.”

Lipoma was found 12 years ago

Lipomas are harmless fatty lumps that grow under your skin. Symptoms of a lipoma include a slow-growing soft lump that may move slightly if you press on it, but they do not usually need to be treated.

In Brent’s case, he shows a huge tricep bump on Dr Pimple Popper, which TLC filmed from all angles. The lump is so big that it looks like a giant ball of fat and is hard to miss when it is filmed from behind his arm.

Although he found the lump 12 years ago, a doctor refused to operate on it. With Dr. Sandra Lee’s track record for tackling lipomas, she’s now ready to face Brent’s dilemma and hopefully make the lump smaller.

She also treats beach-lover Jeb

During the same episode on August 8, Dr. Sandra Lee treats another patient. Jeb loves the beach but refuses to go because of the massive number of blackheads, pimples, and cysts all over his body.

Another patient on the episode, Wanda, has a mysterious mark that is caving in her side. While we wait for the episode to air, fans have been reacting to the tricep bump on Dr Pimple Popper. “Thank god for Dr.Lee,” wrote a viewer.

One said, “Well that left me feeling like 80% of my love life in the past 10 years! Unfinished!” Another penned: “Well, let’s see if this doc [Dr. Pimple Popper] thinks the same way.”


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