Dr Pimple Popper follows Dr Sandra Lee as she treats patients with unusual cases of facial and skin disorders at her clinic in Upland, California. In the season finale, Dr Lee was tasked with removing Shane’s “big ol’ bump”.

Shane’s “third eye” sits right on top of an area doctors call the “triangle of death” so will Dr Lee be able to come to the rescue?

Find out below!

Who is Shane?

Shane is a low voltage electrician from Yucca Valley, CA. He sets up security cameras and wi-fi systems, but the growth between his eyes could put him in serious danger when doing his job as it has begun to affect his peripheral vision.

He has been with his girlfriend, Katrina for almost three years, and they have their first baby on the way, but the growth between his eyes has made him extremely insecure.

He noticed a small bump on the inside of his eye around two years ago which just kept growing.

Shane’s condition explained

Shane explained that the bump now feels like a grape and that it’s “kind of squishy and almost kind of numb”. He added that it has started to obscure his vision.

Having been to a dermatologist before, Shane was told that they couldn’t remove it due to it being in such a precarious position near his tear ducts and sinuses, and the dermatologist told him to visit a “plastic surgeon” instead.

Dr Sandra Lee said that if he doesn’t get it removed it would compress on important vessels due to its location being within his orbital socket. After speaking to Dr Sandra Lee in more depth, she established that the mysterious bump was a cyst.

What happened to Shane?

When having his consultation with Dr Sandra Lee, he admitted that he struggles to make eye contact with people because of the bump which has caused him to have insecurities.

He continued that even when he visits the shops he wears a mask, sunglasses and a beanie to avoid people judging or asking questions.

Thankfully, Dr Sandra Lee worked her magic once again and removed the cyst from between Shane’s eyes.



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