Dr Pimple Popper follows dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee as she treats patients with unusual cases of facial and skin disorders at her clinic in Upland, California. This time, Sandra was faced with helping Jacyln overcome her severe fear of needles.

Having a fear of needles or trypanophobia can be pretty distressing for some people even preventing them from seeking medical assistance.

But Jaclyn decided to put her fears aside, and turn to Dr Sandra Lee aka ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’ for help with removing a pear-shaped bump growing on the back of her head.

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Who is Jaclyn?

Jaclyn appeared on the season finale of Dr Pimple Popper desperate for Sandra’s help to remove a giant pear-shaped growth on the back of her head.

It is said to cause Jaclyn extreme emotional distress, which is why she had to overcome her fear of needles and get the bump removed.

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Jaclyn’s condition explored

Before meeting with Dr Lee, Jacyln explains the severity of her needle phobia. She admits that she isn’t a “needle person” and that she has never had stitches, broken any bones, or needed surgery, except for when she had to have her root canal removed.

Dr Lee has removed numerous lipomas throughout her career and was quite confident that Jacyln’s could be safely removed. She even had a chat with Jaclyn to explain the procedure and make sure that she was comfortable with the process.

However, Dr Lee soon came to the realisation that the lipoma could not simply be removed by cutting and pushing it out, but she instead had to remove it piece by piece. Although this was a definite way to remove the bump, it added even more stress to Jaclyn as the constant cutting could increase her anxiety.

When Dr Lee started cutting away the lipoma, she described it as “never-ending” and even compared it to a Moshi ball. After she was almost done, she felt that there was something left, which meant that she had to widen and deepen the cuts to remove the residual lipoma. Jaclyn agreed to let Dr Lee finish the entire procedure despite getting scared of the cut being widened.

What happened to Jacyln?

Jacyln faced her fear of needles and got through the surgery, despite her reservations to begin with.

Dr Lee was successful in removing the pear-sized bump and Jaclyn braved the entire procedure.

Once the procedure had been completed Jaclyn said that she could “feel her head getting lighter and the pressure-relieving”. She went on to say that despite being scared “all that tension that was there for so long was just releasing”.



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