Where is Dr. Pimple Popper located? Sandra Lee's clinic location explored

So many people are obsessed with internet videos of pimple popping so TLC decided to give the world a reality show about it!

Dr. Pimple Popper is a totally gross yet satisfying reality show to watch. It first premiered on July 11th, 2018 on TLC and has been popular ever since. The show features Dr. Pimple Popper herself, Sandra Lee. Dr. Lee treats patients who have unusual cases of skin and facial disorders such as large cysts and massive pimples.

Season 4 is the latest season of the show and it kicked off on December 26th, 2019. Dr. Pimple Popper: Pop Ups is a new spin off of the show that started airing on July 9th of this year. The new series lets viewers re-watch previous episodes, but this time during each episode behind-the-scene facts and extra unknown information specifically about the episode are displayed on the screen.

This new series will provide viewers with all the information they need to know in order to claim the title as being true Dr. Pimple Popper fans. Information viewers may not know is where the show takes placed. Here you can find out about the filming location and additional facts.

Where is Dr. Pimple Popper filmed?

  • Upland, California

The filming of each episode takes place in Dr. Sandra Lee’s highly acclaimed doctor’s clinic, Skin Physicians & Surgeons. Filming does not take place outside of California, but Dr. Lee does receive patients from across the country. Dr. Lee was raised in Upland, California, but has moved to other places before returning back to Upland.

After receiving her undergraduate degree at UCLA she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend Hahnemann University School of Medicine. She then went to Springfield, Illinois to attend Southern Illinois University. That is where she received her dermatology residency training.

More about Dr. Sandra Lee

Dr. Lee is a board-certified dermatologist. According to skinps.com, she has “special interests in Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery, tumescent neck and body liposuction, eyelifts, and laser resurfacing.” Dr. Lee is popular on YouTube and social media.


She has over 180,000 subscribers to her YouTube account and over 160,000 followers on her Instagram account. She has gained international popularity and her fan base continues to grow one pimple popped at a time.

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