If you love Dr Pimple Popper then you will already be familiar with Dr Sandra Lee. She is an American dermatologist, YouTuber and founder of SLMD Skincare based in Upland, California.

Sandra has amassed a following of 4.2 million fans who just can’t get enough of the pimple popping action which is definitely not the squeamish!

But how much do we really know about the star’s personal life and how she even got to make the hit show? Read on to find out all about the skincare specialist!

Who is Dr Sandra Lee?

A board-certified dermatologist based in Southern California, Dr Sandra Lee is mostly known as Dr Pimple Popper.

In 2018, Dr Lee signed with TLC to have her own TV series, Dr Pimple Popper where she treats patients with unusual cases of facial and skin disorders at her clinic, Skin Physicians & Surgeons in the Inland Empire city of Upland, California.

She is married to her husband, Jeffrey Rebish. The couple met at medical school and have two sons together.

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How did Dr Sandra Lee become famous?

Dr Sandra Lee found fame way before her hit show, Dr Pimple Popper. In 2015, she started an Instagram account to give people an insight into the world of a dermatologist. Knowing that her field of medicine had a very visual element to it led her to create videos during consultations, surgeries and in-office procedures.

Little did she know how much the idea would really pop off! She soon found that there were many thousands of people watching the ‘popping’ videos and sharing them all over the web.

Since then, Dr Lee has posted thousands of videos ranging from Botox to blackhead extractions all over social media with 7.21 million subscribers on YouTube. Interestingly, this is actually where the idea for the hit show Dr Pimple Popper came from.

Take a closer look at Dr Sandra Lee’s skincare range

What can’t Dr Sandra Lee do? The American dermatologist founded her own skincare brand, SLMD Skincare in 2017. Products in the line include acne cleanser and lotion, clarifying treatment with retinol and a daily moisturiser.

Speaking about her brand, Sandra said that she is preparing for the launch of SLMD Skincare in the UK whilst also launching more products in the US at the same time.

In terms of the new products in her range, speaking to the Evening Standard Dr Sandra Lee says that she has curated products and systems that are going to provide solutions to common skin conditions, such as facial blemishes, body blemishes, rough, dry and bumpy skin.

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