Dr. Pimple Popper has shared some ultra oozalicious blackhead removal videos in 2023 which have had fans squirming in their seats.

Dr Sandra Lee‘s pimple-popping content has been next level this year and her YouTube videos have garnered thousands of views due to their oddly satisfying nature.

The TLC star will soon return to screens with a new series of her show and a new batch of patients. In the meantime, we have collated the best 2023 blackhead removal videos for all you popaholics to enjoy!

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Screenshot: “The Award For The Biggest Blackhead” & A Juicy Cyst | Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit, TLC Australia YouTube

Dr Pimple Popper’s best 2023 blackhead removal

Whilst Dr. Pimple Popper has been off the air, she has still been sharing pimple-popping content on her social media accounts. Her YouTube channel is often updated with new videos and it truly is pimple-popping galore, let’s take a look at some of the best 2023 blackhead removal content.

One of her YouTube videos received 4.4 million views titled “Blackhead vs Toothpick” whereby Dr. Pimple Popper reacted to the video. Dr. Lee appeared pretty shocked that the person used a toothpick to pop the blackhead and rated it a “-1/10” because of this.

Sandra shared that it was a wasted dilated pore of winer and the popper didn’t even finish trying to get it out. She also explained that the skin could have been numbed beforehand, and the blackhead and whiteheads will reoccur unless the hole is stitched close.

Despite getting a thumbs down from Sandra Lee, the Dr. revealed that this was one of the fans’ favorite pimple-popping videos. Even though the clip stopped right before the blackhead was removed, and we all know fans hate being left on a cliffhanger!

Dr Sandra Lee shares elite blackhead content

Another popular video from Dr. Lee’s latest release of oozing spots shows her digging for blackheads in a patient’s nose. This has to be one of the most entertaining blackhead videos as you just can’t take your eyes off the screen. When we see the comedone extractor out, we know it is blackhead time!

Dr. Lee advises people to try a chemical peel or salicylic acid to get rid of blackheads. Mainly because it crystalizes and will settle in pores and prevent new blackheads from forming. She warns away from abrasive scrubs which may just irritate the area.

Whilst the world-renowned Dr pops spots for a living, she has also helped those suffering from debilitating skin conditions, such as tumors and many more issues.

This patient had a problem with blackhead cysts and Sandra Lee wasn’t going to stop until it was all out.

Fans react to Dr Pimple Popper’s videos

It’s safe to say the graphic videos are not everyone’s cup of tea and the comment sections of Dr. Lee’s videos are pretty mixed, to say the least. While some users are extreme Pimple Popper fanatics, and can’t get enough of the clips others are a bit grossed out by the ordeal.

On a recent stubborn blackhead removal video posted on YouTube, one user wrote: “I very much appreciate how persistent Dr. Lee is about getting the best results possible.”

Another wrote: “I can’t figure out why I’ve become addicted to watching Dr Lee. She’s so sweet to every patient. I have to admit I’ve become a POPAHOLIC”

Whilst one fan couldn’t jump on the popaholic train as they wrote: “I can’t watch, it’s too much!”

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