Dr Pimple Popper fans may have thought they’d seen it all. But, in 2023 one of Sandra Lee’s patients reveals that he is dealing with a skin condition he “wouldn’t wish on his enemy.” Dr Pimple Popper’s Don has a case of psoriasis that is crippling him every day.

Dr Sandra Lee rose to fame with her YouTube channel and later landed herself a TLC show in 2018. From squeezing never-ending blackheads to removing lipomas and cysts, Dr Pimple Popper really has done it all. She’s onto her ninth season of her TLC show in 2023 and is changing people’s lives with every surgery that she does.

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Meet Dr Pimple Popper’s Don

Dr Pimple Popper patient Don appears on the TLC show during season 9 episode 19.

He is 50 years old and explains that he has a “painful” skin condition.

The TLC star says that he has a case of psoriasis he’s never seen before.

Don describes the condition as having “taken over” his body.

Don’s skin condition has taken over his body

Don explains on Dr Pimple Popper that he first discovered he had psoriasis in 2018. Initially, he thought he had a rash.

However, he was diagnosed with psoriasis after seeing four dermatologists.

The star explained that different doctors prescribed different treatments and medications.

Speaking of how his situation is “depressing,” Don said that he’s been suffering for five years.

At one time, “biologics” prescribed by one doctor, but Don suggested that he perhaps became “immune” to it as the condition keeps growing.

TLC star suffers ‘burning cement’ feeling

Speaking on season 9, Dr Lee’s patient explains the pain he endures due to psoriasis. He says: “My back, it looks more like elephant skin… It’s like your skin is cement, real dry… When you move it, it cracks open, it’s like cutting glass, burning.”

Don breaks into tears during the TLC show and reveals that his condition has progressed to his joints.

The Dr Pimple Popper star is dealing with the fact that he now needs a walker for his arthritis and is “about to be put into a wheelchair.”

He adds: “I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy.”

Speaking of his condition, Don says that it leaves him feeling “disgusted” and that he has three children and 12 grandchildren that he can’t visit.


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