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Erica my 600 lb life

Erica turned things around on My 600-lb Life and got back together with Jimmy

Starring Dr Younan Nowzaradan, My 600-lb Life has been airing on TLC since 2012. The show follows the journeys of people who’ve suffered emotional turmoil that has resulted in them living a 600lb life. Some appear on the show weighing more than 600lb and manage to shift the weight with the help of Dr Now, while others haven’t been as fortunate.

Erica appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2017 and, after watching re-runs of the show, many fans want to know what happened to Erica and where she is after her episode ended. So, let’s find out more about Erica Wall.

Screenshot: A Fridge Full Of Junk Food Won’t Help You Lose Weight | My 600-lb Life

Meet Erica from My 600-lb Life

My 600-lb Life season 5 episode 6 told Erica’s story. The 44-year-old California native wasn’t visited by anyone apart from her niece, who would shower her and buy her groceries.

In a bid to stop being dependent on her niece and begin living her life to the full, Erica sought the help of Dr Now to lose hundreds of pounds.

What happened on My 600-lb Life?

At the beginning of Erica’s My 600-lb Life episode, Erica was surprised each day when she woke – she expected to die in her sleep.

She was determined to stay alive, however, despite weighing almost 700lb and suffering excruciating pain. Erica said she had a “stomach that hung to her knees” and found walking very difficult.

Speaking of how she developed an eating disorder and depression, Erica said she was sexually assaulted by a group of people when she was 16 years old.

At 17 years old she had her stomach stapled, which meant there were complications for Dr Now to tackle during surgery. Nevertheless, Erica had managed to lose 190lb by the end of her episode.

As per Heavy, by the end of Erica’s Where Are They Now? episode, she had lost another 100lb.

Where is Erica now?

Erica appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2017 and, since then, it appears she was able to keep the weight off. Judging by her Facebook page, she and Jimmy got back together and were still together in 2019. However, she doesn’t appear to be active on social media so there aren’t any more recent updates.

She also shared posts to her page about being in love in 2020, but doesn’t show any relationship information in her bio.



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