Welcome to Plathville is officially back on TLC for its fourth season. This year, Ethan Plath and wife Olivia face marital issues after she described him doing things separate from her as “living a double life.”

The reality TV series follows the Plath family as they navigate relationships, dramas, and careers. Parents of the Plath family, Kim and Barry, live on a rural farm in Georgia along with eight of their nine children.

Ethan and Olivia live separately from the family. During the season 4 trailer, we see Ethan tell Olivia that he can do things by himself, before he later tells the camera his sister Mariah is the “only one that knows what happened.”

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Olivia and Ethan’s season 4 drama

During season 4, Olivia accuses Ethan of living a “double life” in a confessional after he tells her that there will be times he goes to do things by himself. She responds by saying it is like he is trying to get rid of her.

She tells the camera that she “doesn’t know what he is doing” before Ethan is seen smiling at who appears to be another woman. He is later seen in a confessional revealing that only his sister Moriah knows what happened.

In a separate scene, Olivia asks why Ethan didn’t call her on the phone to tell her “any of this” before he storms into the house. She tells him she “feels chained to his past”, before he tells a teary Olivia he’s “not never coming back to Cairo.”

They are still a married couple

Despite the issues they face on Welcome to Plathville, Olivia shared a happy birthday post calling Ethan her “love” just two days ago (May 15th 2022). She shared that she is “so glad she gets to know you and love you”, referring to him.

Fans are over the moon that they rode out their issues. One commented: “I never comment but I’m so glad you guys hung in there, did what you needed to do and stuck it out! Love seeing both your smiles!”

Another viewer told Olivia on Instagram: “I’m so glad you and Ethan are going strong. Marriage is not easy, you work together to make it thru the tough times.”

Olivia and Ethan are still wearing their wedding rings and have shared no signs of a break-up. It comes after they faced relationship issues in season 3 and managed to work through their differences.

Ethan and Olivia: Relationship timeline

Ethan and Olivia have been married since 2018. Although she has had some family disagreements with the Plaths, she opened up to Moriah Plath about having a miscarriage in the past, and spoke to her about birth control.

Olivia’s household growing up was similar to the conservative values that the Plath family have, but at one point, her parents put a stop to it after attending a Christian camp.

The married couple are thought to have an overall $500,000 net worth. They currently live together, but faced some difficult when Olivia expressed her wishes for them to move to Tallahassee, which is further away from his parents.



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