The second season of Extreme Sisters is about to get wilder and closer than ever, and popular Australian twin sisters Lucy and Anna DeCinque are back sharing their ‘extreme’ journeys.

The reality series follows the lives of five sets of identical sisters and their tight bonds. From dating the same man, tho dreaming of becoming pregnant at the same time, season two is going to show what life has brought them after

Last season, Extreme Sisters showed the difficulties some of the twins suffered, showing that everything is not as easy as it seems.

Wanting to always be together, share everything, and achieve the same goals hasn’t always been easy. But what can a close bond stop the Extreme Sisters from getting what they want?

A first look at season two of Extreme Sisters

On January 11, the first look of the second season of Extreme Sisters came out. Just as in its previous season, it will feature the lives of five sets of identical sisters having a very peculiar relationship, different from any siblings.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, the well-known duo, is joined by Christina and Jessica, and Ashley and Vee; Hannah, Katherine, and Nadine; and twins Jordan and Randi, who are a step closer to marrying another set of identical brothers.

In the almost three-minute video, the trailer shows what the twins have been up to until this day. From their preparations for the wedding to prepare for motherhood, the second season teases a lot of entertainment and the hard work behind the lifestyles of the Extreme Sisters.

Anna and Lucy are the next level of Extreme Sisters

They eat, sleep, and even shower together. Anna and Lucy DeCinque from Australia, Peth, want to be considered as one person and have been living their whole lives as so, literally.

Taking the sister bond to another new level, Anna and Lucy show their importance for one another by dressing the same and spending every minute together, whether it is doing the same chores or consuming the exact amount of calories.

Last season of Extreme Sisters, Lucy and Anna, dreamed of getting pregnant at the same time with their boyfriend, Ben Byrne. However, the two found themselves struggling as things didn’t work out as they wanted.

Fans are still cringing

Anna and Lucy have become one of the most famous twin sisters in television history, as their lifestyle has shocked many viewers. Following their story, many of the viewers are excited to find out what the DeCinque twins have been up to.

Nonetheless, others are still trying to understand their relationship as they describe their unusual bond as “too extreme”, but that’s the point of the series, right?

One said: “This looks ridiculous. Can’t wait to watch!!! Lol so glad my twin and I are not like the twins on this show.”

“Oh lord it’s Anna and Lucy again,” another viewer wrote.

A third user joked: “Twinkie life.”

“Is this obsession or ???,” one asked.



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