A year ago, the world met Anna and Lucy DeCinque, two twin sisters from Perth, Australia, who were obsessed with being identical. They acted more like one person, instead of two twins. Their strong sisterly bond and mirror images of each other helped to make them stand out from the crowd. But what are Anna and Lucy DeCinque doing now?

For those that don’t know, here’s a recap. For the majority of their lives, the 36-years-old twin sisters have been trying to look completely identical. Their obsession to share their full lives with one another has gone as extreme as to share the same man. They also hope to get pregnant at the same time.

If you think that sounds unusual, there’s more. Fast forward to 2022, this is their life now.

The ‘world’s most identical twins’

Without a doubt, the most extreme siblings that have been on TLC’s “Extreme Sisters” are Aussie twin sisters, Anna and Lucy DeCinque.

In 2021, the two twin sisters from Australia showed their everyday life in the series. Their relationship has been heavily criticized by the viewers who have thought Anna and Lucy’s lifestyle may have been exaggerated.

It’s normal for twin sisters to have a strong bond, but Anna and Lucy want to live as like they’re one person. However, their relationship has gone as far as doing everything at the same pace. This includes eating the same amount of food, showering together, and even sharing the same partner.

“We want to live like one person. We need everything to be identical: our clothes, our makeup. I need to follow her wherever she goes so if she walks into the next room, I have to. We have to do the same steps, too,” Anna told Fox News.

While others might think that sharing a boyfriend is unconventional, the DeCinque twins wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We had separate boyfriends in the past and it did not work. We always have to have the same partner. When we had separate partners they always tried to separate us. It destroyed everything because we never want to be apart. For us sharing a boyfriend, it’s a lot easier for our lives,” said Lucy.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque want to get pregnant at the same time

During the duration of the series, viewers were able to learn more about the lives of Anna and Lucy, and their shared partner, Ben.

Anna and Lucy have been dating and sharing their relationship with Ben Byrne for a decade. Although the trio went through some ups and downs trying to get pregnant at the same time, as well as not being able to legally marry as a “throuple”.

Since the first season ended last October, many have wondered about the couple’s relationship status. Are they still together?

Yes, they’re still sharing the same man

The answer is, yes. Anna, Lucy, and Ben are still happily together.

Through their joint Instagram account, Anna and Lucy post photos of their daily outfits, but from time to time, Ben also appears in the photos. The most recent being Valentine’s Day and earlier this month.

“Love is Love,” the DeCinque sisters captioned as the two were in matching outfits (as usual) while Ben rested his arms on them.

Is there a Season 2 of Extreme Sisters?

Screenshot from TLC’s YouTube Channel: Anna and Lucy Are Engaged to Ben! | Extreme Sisters / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvVZ78rqWng&ab_cha…

Currently, there hasn’t been any news about the continuation of the series. But those who haven’t seen the first season can access it on Discovery+ or the TLC website.

Although Extreme Sisters has shown the lives of five identical twins and their extreme bond, Anna and Lucy managed to hit headlines with the lengths they’d go to be identical. Nonetheless, it is not sure if the Aussie twins will be able to successfully get pregnant at the same time like they hope.

Until then, fans will only get to see their current whereabouts on their social media accounts and YouTube channel.

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