Winter Everett’s second home has become the gym. It comes ever since she made the bold decision to undergo weight loss surgery, with the support of her loved ones on The Family Chantel.

Last season, viewers got a close insight into her relationship with Jah. This season is slightly different, as TLC cameras have followed her journey to health, including the procedure she underwent after being weighed in 2016.

Fans will remember that when Winter first contemplated getting weight loss surgery, she weighed 313 pounds on the scales. However, things look a lot different now as she adopts a totally different lifestyle.

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Winter Everett got weight loss surgery

Winter has reportedly dropped 50 pounds since getting weight loss surgery, a procedure she has been thinking of undergoing since 2016. Back then, she weighed 313 pounds, before shedding 50 lbs in 2020.

Ever since, The Family Chantel star has continuously been losing weight. Amid her health journey, she travelled to Mexico for a gastric sleeve, despite her family being skeptical of the entire process.

Chantel revealed that a surgeon removed 75 percent of her sibling’s stomach. Despite how scary the procedure was for Winter’s sister and mom Karen to see their family member go through, they never left the hospital.

The Family Chantel star’s journey

Winter first showed off her post-break up body transformation on the November 29th episode, following the news that she had split from Jah. Ever since, fans have been sharing with the star just how “proud” they are of her.

The 26-year-old began to diet and regularly go to the gym, which appear to have had a dramatically beneficial impact on her confidence. For The Family Chantel star, it’s more about how she feels rather than the amount of pounds lost.

Winter has also began to wear more revealing clothes, whereas she used to cover her body parts up far more in the past. She also adopted a new religion in Nazarene faith because of her now ex-fiancé, Jah, which follows a biblical diet.

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She now regularly visits the gym

Winter’s new second home has become the gym. Getting a gastric sleeve wasn’t the end of her weight loss journey, as she has continued to lose weight ever since the procedure, and looks noticeably smaller than in previous seasons.

Her social media pages are filled with workout inspiration, and often advertise her new gym gear. From lifting weights to getting in touch with her spiritual side, the TLC star is working on her physical and mental health more than ever.

She lifts 15kg weights, promotes Buff Bunny fitness clothes and is always receiving happy comments from fans. One follower recently told Winter: “Always been beautiful but now you look HAPPY AND BEAUTIFUL.”


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