7 Little Johnstons season 10 began last week, and viewers are happier than ever to welcome the family back to their screens.

The TLC show airs every Tuesday, with the latest on the Johnstons – a family of 7 who live with dwarfism. Amber, Trent, Jonah, Elizabeth, Emma, Alex and Anna are all amongst the family who feature on the show.

Viewers have been wondering if Jonah Johnston has moved out of their family home, and we’ve found out if the rumours are true…

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Has Jonah Johnston moved out?

There has been speculation across social media surrounding whether Jonah Johnston has moved out or not. This speculation has come from earlier this year, when Amber and Trent gave Jonah a ‘deadline’ to move out by.

The season 10 trailer for 7 Little Johnstons shows Jonah telling Amber and Trent that his house has been approved and he’s ready for the big move. We then see Jonah packing up and moving his stuff, with the help of his family.

Now that Jonah has moved out, that just leaves Alex and Emma as the only children living at their family home.

Why did Amber want Jonah to move out?

Amber and Trent gave Jonah a 3 month deadline to move out of their family home by earlier this year. Although this decision seemed harsh, they did have their reasoning.

TLC star Amber believed that after Ashley visits and goes back home to North Carolina, Jonah goes back to his “cranky self”. Amber wanted Jonah to improve at saving his own money, and decided that moving out would be the only way to become independent.

Many 7 Little Johnstons fans called Amber out for pushing Jonah out of the house, however she has hit back at these claims and said that her purpose is to teach her children to be independent, and she cannot do this without encouraging them to get their own place.

Jonah Johnston didn’t tell Ashley he was moving

During the season 10 trailer, we also see Jonah come clean about moving to Ashley. The pair have been together for over a year now, so Amber doesn’t think it looks good keeping secrets from eachother.

It’s unknown why Jonah didn’t want Ashley to know that he was moving as of now, but as the series goes on Jonah’s secret is bound to slip. Jonah and Ashley have previously talked about moving in together, as they have been long distance for their entire relationship.

However, many viewers think that it’s too soon for them to move in together. As Jonah is only 21, 7 Little Johnstons fans think he would be moving too fast.



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