Honey Boo Boo is feeling alive as she reveals to fans a new hairstyle in a recent cute video on social media.

The teenager, who first shot to fame from her funny moments in TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, has had a loyal following ever since she graced the screen as a youngster.

The sassy pageant star has led cameras to follow her and her family’s life for several years. Viewers have had the unique opportunity of being able to see her grow up, leave pageantry behind, and embark on new adventures.

Honey Boo Boo’s new hairstyle

Now the reality star has turned 17 – yes, she’s a teenager, how time flies – she enjoys changing up her look.

Honey Boo Boo shared with fans her new hairstyle with a fresh wig over the weekend. Her naturally curly locks, which most fans will recognize, have been hidden underneath a slick and long hair do.

The short, but fun clip on Instagram saw the TLC star embrace a strong side parting, with baby hairs stuck down as a key feature to frame her face.

The blonde hair, sleek and straight, draped over her shoulder as music played in the background that said “in this moment I feel so alive”.

Fluttering her gorgeous false lashes – an Alana Thompson staple – the high school senior promised amazing pictures in the future.

She penned in the caption: “Just WAIT for the pictures 🤩 wig 💇🏼‍♀️”

Work it Boo Boo

It’s not yet clear what photoshoot the star is referring to, but fans are definitely excited to find out.

One fan wrote: “Slayyy”.

A second said: “You better work it, Boo Boo.”

Family member Jo Shannon (Doe Doe) added: “Sooo beautiful. They did an amazing job.”

Then the stylist behind the creation said: “It was such a pleasure doing your hair 😍 such a sweet person and your energy is great, so authentic. Thank you for sitting in my chair, beautiful 😍”.

Honey Boo Boo on weight loss surgery

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It comes after the TLC star opened up on considering weight loss surgery in the summer.

She has not confirmed whether she’s gone under the knife for the procedure, but admitted it provided an ‘easier’ way to shed the pounds.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 17-year-old revealed she would possibly consider the op for a “physical transformation”.

It would include a $13,000 procedure called a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve. It will aim to help the former Toddlers and Tiaras star to drop more than 100 pounds. She also admitted she wasn’t 100% sure, but felt she couldn’t do it alone.

Alana admitted: “So, I just think I don’t have motivation, and I feel like the surgery would be, like, probably the easiest way to just, like, lose it fast.“



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