TLC viewers are keen to find out more about the 1000-lb Sisters’ family tree in 2023. More of the sisters’ family members are appearing on their TV series and fans are eager to piece together how they’re all related.

The TLC show follows Amy and Tammy Slaton as they navigate their lives and their weight loss journeys as they have a combined weight of 1000lb.

Amy and Tammy are the 1000-lb Sisters but there are many more of their family members who appear on the show. So, let’s find out more about who the Slatons and Haltermans are.

1000-lb Sisters family tree: Meet their mom

TLC stars Amy Slaton Halterman, 35, and Tammy Slaton (now Willingham), 36, are both daughters of Darlene Rednour.

Their mother has appeared on 1000-lb Sisters, however, the ladies reportedly have a “strained” relationship according to Screen Rant.

Speaking on 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy said that, growing up, they “didn’t get very much attention,” and “didn’t get very many hugs.”

Amy added: “I’m not saying our mom didn’t care. I’m just saying she didn’t know how to show it.”

During the same episode, Darlene said she was a “fighter” who raised five kids.

Darlene’s husband, Frank Rednour, passed away in 2021. He was a stepfather to her five children per his obituary.

Who is Chris Combs?

Chris Combs is Amy and Tammy’s older brother. He’s 42 years old.

He’s been married to Brittany Combs since 2016.

Viewers were introduced to Chris on 1000-lb Sisters during season 2 in 2021. He can be found on Instagram at @chris.combs.5243 with over 50k followers.

Reddit users are convinced that Chris has a different father to Amy and Tammy Slaton.

Siblings Misty and Amanda

As the Slaton sisters’ mom said, she raised five children. Amy, Tammy, and Chris were first to appear on TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters, but she also has two more children.

Amanda Halterman and Misty Wentworth are Tammy, Amy, and Chris’ sisters. They appear on the show in 2023 and discover that Tammy’s house has been robbed during season 4.

Gossip Next Door reports that Misty is 45 years old. Amanda is 42 years old.

PDQ Briefing explains that Darlene’s late husband Larry is Amy and Tammy’s father. Amanda and Chris are also full-blooded siblings. Chris said his father passed away at 57 years old. Misty has a different father from her siblings and the report states that he also passed away.

Amanda was previously married to a man named Jason Halterman. He is Michael Halterman’s brother. Michael Halterman is Amy’s husband with whom she now shares two children.

Amy is a mother to two young sons, Gage and Glenn.

Amanda and Misty speak to camera standing in front of lawn on 1000-lb Sisters
Credit: TLC YouTube channel/1000-lb Sisters



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