It seems like the 90 Day Fiance drama has been continuing off-screen with the ongoing feud between ex-besties Cynthia and Molly but fans want to know if Cynthia Decker is leaving 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk, and why the friends fell out.

Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins had fans howling with laughter when they’d share their opinion on 90 Day Fiance episodes on screen, but it seems like fans may not be getting any more of these laughs as the friendship between the two has definitely sailed.

We take a closer look at Molly and Cynthia’s friendship, and if the stars will be returning to the TLC spin-off.

Cynthia and Molly’s 90 Day Fiance journey

Cynthia was introduced to viewers on 90 Day Fiance when her (now ex) best friend Molly Hopkins featured in season 5 with her now ex-husband Luis Mendes. The two then landed a spot on Pillowtalk as the pair’s friendship became a hit with viewers.

Molly then went on to feature in 90 Days: The Single Life season 1, where she met new partner Kelly Brown, a New York Police Department officer when he slid into her DMs. She then traveled to New York to meet him for the first time, however, their relationship did not come without obstacles.

However, it seems like just months after losing her best friend, Molly also broke up with her boyfriend Kelly as confirmed by Molly’s rep, who told InTouch she ended the relationship due to “unhealthy stressors, challenges, and odd aggressive behavior.”

Is Cynthia Decker leaving 90 Day Fiance: Pillow talk?

Yes, Cynthia Decker is leaving Pillow Talk, as she confirmed to a fan on social media. In November 2022, Cynthia wrote: “Molly and I are no longer friends,” the business owner replied. “I will not be back on Pillow Talk. I wish I had a different answer for you.”

Although, it seems like Cynthia hasn’t had a chance to update her LinkedIn page yet as her profile states she has been working there for 5 years and 2 months.

The star also still has the show in her Instagram bio, along with LiviRae Lingerie, the company owned by her and Molly. However, it seems like Cynthia has now opened her own business, Brest Frend.

So far, it seems like Molly or TLC have not made a comment on her future on the show.

The pair end a two-decade friendship

After having a friendship of almost two decades, it was revealed that Molly and Cynthia fell out when Cynthia replied to a fan in November 2022.

A source weighed in on the fallout: “Molly is the one who did most of the work and Cynthia did nothing. She’s upset that she won’t be making that ​Pillow Talk money any longer. [Cynthia] resented Molly for being the star of the show and Cynthia was just a sidekick.” they told InTouch.

Replying to supporters on Instagram, Cynthia wrote: “Thank you and the truth always has a way of coming out.”

A legal battle going on between Molly and ex-Kelly also seemed to cause a rift in the friendship, when Molly Hopkins filed a criminal complaint form against her ex-boyfriend, claiming he ‘choke slammed’ her daughter Olivia.

The case has now been closed. Taking to her Instagram, Cynthia wrote: “So happy your name is cleared @Kellykb2022. There should be recourse for false police reports! Especially when they included lies about me being a part of it when I wasn’t!”

Although it seems like there’s no turning back for the two, it seems like fans want the reconciliation. Taking to Cynthia’s Instagram, one fan wrote: “Not going to lie I miss you and molly on Pillow Talk I wish y’all could have gotten a spin-off show, wishing reconciliation love, and peace.”

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